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  1. CueBuff

    My "NEW" Jacoby

    My Jacoby I agree fully: The Jacoby's are super nice people, I asked for a Quote for a Cue I 'Designed' with their Cue Builder on their website (try it, fun!) and got a fast reply at a very good price! chuckpilegis' Jacoby is awesome! Great veneer colors + Sharp points, love 'm like that...
  2. CueBuff

    2 Shafts 5/16 x 14 SCHON Vintage and Custom 14mm x 30 inch

    PM has been sent today. Joost
  3. CueBuff

    need a carolina custom dealer asap

    Hi, I have the above one: 1 Shaft, excellent condition. Tip is still fine, +matching JP's. A good offer will be considered.. Joost
  4. CueBuff

    30 year old + old growth shaftwood blanks, cue fronts, and handles

    Dark Shafts : Marcus.. Maybe you fancy this one? All Ebony Cue (Phillipines) Cobra-skin handle. Shafts about 6 Oz. each.. 30" . Total weight: 26 Oz. (not legal..). :thumbup:. Offer? Joost
  5. CueBuff

    Just finished this one up.

    Phillippi retired? That says something.. You can sell that one to me if you like (pics?)! I was hustled via eBay on a very beautifull Phillippi once ($ 625, was never Shipped!). I'll see if I can find pictures of it.. Great job on this Cue! Although pics are not very good it's very shiny! How...
  6. CueBuff

    1967 Balabushka Cue / Tascarella Authentication

    Burton Spain blank -or- Gus Szamboti blank From Wikipedia: Balabushka cues are generally separated into three distinct classes and time periods related to what blanks Balabushka was using in cue construction: The Titlist blank era (1959-1966), the Burton Spain blank era (1966-1971) and the Gus...
  7. CueBuff

    Szamboti - BEM

    I have too much wood.. Kam: "this is cue no. 511". Means: your 511th cue :eek:? Or Barry's? I now have around 100. 90% = firewood. :frown: .. Joost
  8. CueBuff


    Manwon, I agree with your comments. Tonal aka Acoustic Quality of wood is very important. I remember I saw something posted on the web about somebody who did Ascoustic tests on Cues. I'll try to look it up. I believe it involves microphones, occiloscopes and what have you.. I also don't like...
  9. CueBuff

    It's Probably Junk But I have to Ask

    Hi, Check out this one: =STRK:MEWNX:IT Some fool bought this (guess who? , it's all in the tempting title)... It's quite a bit like your's. Joost
  10. CueBuff

    So many shafts so little time

    About house cues: My local pool-hall (called Cueaction..) has 'Valley Supreme II' cues, best HC I've ever used! Only about 2 years ago I started getting my own cues. Started with an Excalibur (now Cuetec..) with Earl's signature on it. That's the only good thing about it.. Yeah, you know: With...
  11. CueBuff


    Sure!! Quesports you are Right ! For fishing rods Bamboo is still used. Some anglers just prefer them. Rods in length from 4 feet up to 15. From poles for panfish to Big-Game rods, Muskie rods, Salmon fly-rods etc.. In the early days the glue wasn't really good, so they were threaded (just...