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  1. beetle

    Poll for American Pool Fans. Are you watching Matchroom's WNT World Pool Championship live? If so, how?

    I just pay the annual subscription to DAZN and forget about it. Divided over 10 or so events per year, it's a lot of pool coverage and relatively low expense. The worst thing is that events, like this one, start at 3:00 AM my time, so I'm staying off Facebook until I catch up with the morning...
  2. beetle

    I picked up some hardware in Vegas!

    Great job, Eric!
  3. beetle

    US Open 9-Ball--Bucket List?

    Yes, Emily was great. I had VIP tickets but one of them was behind a post. I went to Emily and pleaded for her to do better with our tickets. She paused for a moment and handed me two new tickets. She said, you're going to like these! Super VIP ringside, right next to Pia Filler during the...
  4. beetle

    US Open 9-Ball--Bucket List?

    I did it in 2019 at the first US Open ran by Matchroom. It was amazing! I drew Albin Ouschan in the first round. I actually had a decent chance to win the first game. I did win my first and only game after Albin won the first 6. The whole production was fantastic and it was a small step...
  5. beetle

    $1000 entry tourney at Chester's in OKC -- anyone go?

    Nick (the guy that won) is a very nice guy and I'm really proud of him for winning this monster tournament! I have played him quite a few times and have hosted $250 entry round robins at my home in the last year. Nick has beaten me the last 5-6 times we played even though our fargos are not...
  6. beetle

    Mark Griffin -- Not Long to Live

    I was so lucky to have my best tournament at Griff's, thanks to Mark who hosted it and made sure it went smoothly. It will be a memory I will always cherish! I was so pleasantly shocked to see this in his obituary: "Shortly before his death, Mark funded a trust for the preservation of Griff’s...
  7. beetle

    Ignore Bait: Highest IQ, Many Questions, Odds makers invited...

    Like you and so many others, I thought the answer Vos Savant proposed was wrong and counterintuitive....but then I looked at her explanation and it is obvious. People holding doctorates in Statistics were also irate and dismissive of Vos Savant's answer at the time, and wrote scathing letters...
  8. beetle

    2022 World Pool Masters (May 5-8)

    I'm in a "chat" with DAZN to find out what is happening, but since I'm #27 in line, the event will likely be over!
  9. beetle

    2022 World Pool Masters (May 5-8)

    Me, too. It shows "live" on DAZN, but it's just a blank screen with "DAZN"
  10. beetle

    FOULS IN POOL ... Everything You Need to Know

    Does anyone know the origin of the ball-off-the-table foul? When was it first instituted? Did it stay down and was it ball-in-hand originally? I'm talking about any object ball (not the cue-ball), and I'm most interested in rotation games, although that rule may have been established before 9...
  11. beetle

    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (28March-1April2022), Las Vegas, Winner $60K

    Tevez beats Appleton in a dominating 10-4 win to make the final 4.
  12. beetle

    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (28March-1April2022), Las Vegas, Winner $60K

    This Christopher Tevez from Peru is no joke. I had never even heard of him and he is taking down champion after champion.
  13. beetle

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    OK, I can finally say my poolroom is finished! In 2017 we built an addition onto the house and for the last 5 years I had my 9' Olhausen in the middle. I decided I needed a Diamond Pro-Am 7' this year and I was able to rearrange, redo my lighting, and fit both tables! Each table has at least 5...
  14. beetle

    My japanese style home pool room

    Beautiful pool room and property! You've created an oasis retreat that will bring lots of joy!
  15. beetle

    $10,000 club

    Point taken, but the US Open is about $1000 entry also, but you need to be in the top 4 to make over $10k. Being willing to put up $1k entry is a lot different from being willing to put up $100 entry, so obviously the risk is greater and the reward is higher.
  16. beetle

    $10,000 club

    Ruben Adame. He's the one who knocked me out. He played great! He got 5th last year (Susan Williams knocked him out).
  17. beetle

    $10,000 club

    I did wait over a year before posting this, so my arm is OK.
  18. beetle

    $10,000 club

    Last year I won $12,000 in a pool tournament in Vegas--and I didn't win the tournament--I got 2nd. It was a 580 and under, $1000 entry, single elimination, 32 player field. I tried again this year and just barely got my entry fee back as I finished tied for 5th. I didn't post here before...
  19. beetle

    Question: Why do People Pay to Sign up to get Slaughtered?

    1. US Open 2019 .. .. .. 836. Black-Balled invitational 2007
  20. beetle

    Question: Why do People Pay to Sign up to get Slaughtered?

    I played at the last US Open in Vegas. I'm a 569, so I think I was among the bottom 10 in the field. The whole event was my favorite pool experience! From the player's meeting, to the green room, to being surrounded by spectators and idols, and playing a world champion, this was a bucket list...