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    2024 World Pool Championship

    I like both of these guys but I gotta go with Fedor.
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    Why are some players using cue extensions for shots they don’t need to reach?

    I’m noticing that some top players will put on a cue extension for a shot that they don’t need it for. For example Orcullo screws one on to his cue when he shots the 9ball halfway through this video:
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    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    I thought Ko had that one in the bag when I checked the scores earlier. Wow must have been heartbreaking for him.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Shane is the package delivery man.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Where can I find updated brackets for this event?
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    Are lighter jump cues better for dart stroke jump shots, and heavier ones better for the sidearm technique?

    Does the weight of the jump cue make it easier to execute different jump shot techniques or does it generally not matter as long as you have good technique?
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    Where is there a good pool hall in the LA / SoCal area?

    Oh hey Tom! This is Nate, I used to bartend there. I’ll come by one of these days. Has there been any action?
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    Should I get a Predator BK2 or Tiger Impakt break cue?

    They both cost about the same. I can’t afford the Predator BK Rush so I’m going to choose between these two cues. Has anyone tried the Impakt?
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    Where is there a good pool hall in the LA / SoCal area?

    I dunno if it’s open, but I like going to Plush Pocket Billiards in North Hills/Northridge.
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    Could someone recommend a break cue + jump cue or jump break cue from this selection on Seyberts?

    I can only buy from Seyberts because I have some credit there. I could also use a better jump cue, so I’m looking at jump break cues as well. Or maybe I get a break cue and jump cue separately. My budget is around $600, I could maybe stretch it to $700. The cues I’m looking at: Predator BK...
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    Are jump break cues not as good as break cues for breaking?

    If you have good technique and break with a jump-break cue is there anything that will make your break worse off vs breaking with a cue made for just breaking? Like does the extra weight of an extra pin have any negative effect or anything like that? I’m looking to buy a break cue but I could...
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    Buying a break cue, what’s the best non phenolic tip to choose from this list?

    I’m looking for a break tip that isn’t phenolic, but if it feels and hits like a phenolic that’s fine. This is what I have to choose from: Samsara White Diamond Bulletproof Taom White/Yellow/Green Tiger Dynamite Tiger Break Cyber Break White Pechaur Gold Break Kamui Black Hard Kamui Clear...
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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    I met Tony at a tournament in either 2003 or 2004 at House of Billiards in Sherman Oaks. Nice guy who was very willing to share his knowledge of the game. He offered to sign my copy of his book but I didn’t have it with me. I remember being very impressed with his cueing and fundamentals, it...
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    When you get down on the shot is your back hand supposed to be directly over your back foot?

    Is your back foot placed somewhere on the line of the shot? If so isn’t the back hand supposed to be on that same line as well? To clarify I mean where should your back hand be in relation to your back foot when you address the ball and are about to get into your stance. After you get down I...
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    When you get down on the shot is your back hand supposed to be directly over your back foot?

    If you are right handed should your right hand be directly over your right foot, or should it be on the outside of where your foot is? I’ve seen good players that have their back arm and thus their back hand tucked in really close to their body inside of the line where their back foot is, I’ve...
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    Long Dong vs the 3 foul rule question...if he had gotten the ball safe and Vilmos fouled, would he have won the game?

    I’m talking about this video: Vilmos had to foul twice in a row to put Dong that situation. So if Dong had managed to get it safe and then Vilmos fouled, would the 3 foul rule count against Vilmos? In other words do the fouls of Vilmos in between getting Dong on 2 fouls count or does Dong’s...
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    Does anyone here know the specific names of every muscle that’s involved in the stroke?

    Thanks Bob. I was also thinking of attaching a weight to my cue to see which muscles get fatigued.