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  1. Txstang1

    Omega Tour (Texas): Fargo Ratings

    I'll play you some. My rating is just below 600.
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    Big truck

  3. Txstang1

    John Nemic Cues?

    this is mine that John built last year
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    Lint cleaner vs Simonis X1 vs Horsehair brush

    lint roller then the x-1 is what i do. they do two different things, imo. BUT if i had to choose only one, lint roller.
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    Sky Woodward in Manila

    hahha lmao
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    What happened to Robb Saez?

    If you come at someone with a pool cue, you get what you get and you can't say it's not deserved. You have the potential to end that persons life with one well place hit, so that's a threat on your life. When you do that, the range of consequences are, nothing will happen to death in some...
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    Sky Woodward

    The night before the tourny, Sky, Dennis and Warren all came into a room in Dallas together. Didnt see roberto or bergman. I got to talk to Dennis that night for the first time and he seemed like a really nice guy who has alot of love for the game.
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    A Hell Of A Day...

    I hope you get to feeling better , Brian. You have had a rough year my friend. Merry Christmas to you and yours !
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    Darren Appleton

    and that is painful to say about Boyes, but i'm with you. Daz has been clutch in years past. I'm glad though ! wonder if the tighter pockets have anything to do with it ? true, Daz has definitly had his number is the mosconi cup,
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    When do you get nervous?

    Seller- (Tuesday)Nov 24 I'm out of town for work and the info is st home. I believe you will see the lathe friday or Saturday red flag right there. all that info is sent via email, which can pretty much be accessed anywhere via an internet connection,
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    Janette Lee AND Bass Pro Shops!

    Cabela's ? she's wearing a Bass pro shops t-shirt , lmao !
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    Steinway Classic - Who Set Stream Prices?

    anything more than $10 a day is too much, imo. I MIGHT pay that much for something like the mosconi cup, but wouldn't buy it everyday...too expensive.
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    if you want one hole action, go to Ck's on skillman rd in dallas. they have 5 9ft gold crowns , recently redone by shaneiscuephoric. The biggest and nicest place to play 12 GC 8fts, 3 GC 9fts, 2 10 ft snooker tables and 2 diamond bar tables. all have blue simonis. both are about 20 mins...
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    Who is Kevin Cheng?

    which one did he win that paid 30k ?
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    Who is Kevin Cheng?

    Our local bca operator was telling me about this last night. Kevin and another friend of his were both DQ'd after it was discovered they were both on the tawain pro tour. i dont really know any other details. 2012 i believe. I first came across him at the big tyme classic in houston a couple...
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    Remove surface scratches

    i use mequiar's scratch X 2.0, works well.
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    Gabe Owen your cue is done....

    that's sick ! I love Jeremy's cues also.
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    SVB is going to have his hands full with Justin Bergman

    awesome ! boy ain't that the truth.
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    Cue Ball-Gate 2015

    Are they playing with red circle cue balls on all tables but the tv table or are they playing with the cue ball that comes with the super pro set that has the red aramith symbol on it ? IMO, its not as big a deal if it's the latter since it weighs exactly the same as a measles ball. Either...
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    US Open PPV schedule<<<<<<<

    me too......