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  1. M.G.

    Tariff's and cue prices....??

    When I bought my Cuetec R360 it was 170EUR. Now the same cue goes for 230-250EUR. I guess it's plain old inflation, couple with that chaos Trumpi-Boi does.
  2. M.G.

    T-Rex vs Robocop Big Money One Pocket Action Rubber Match

    Robocop wins hands down and T-Rex will have its teeth fall out due to chewing on metal. WHAT? Robocop doesn't even exist and no living T-Rex is available, so ... :cool:
  3. M.G.

    Why do Pro's aim at the bottom of the cue ball

    Only Pool players do that, and we can hardly call them "pros" compared against current Snooker and 3 cushion players haha.
  4. M.G.

    Disappointing gesture from Shane

    What the... ? Your tip probably is wayyy dirtier after you drag it over the carpet. But well, I'm just a lowly pool peasant from behaviour nazi Germany where we value other people's property :o
  5. M.G.

    Advice on a New Tip?

    Go to a really soft one, just for funsies! The more experience you have to more softer you want to play! Ultraskin and Kamikaze come to mind.
  6. M.G.

    Snapping your Cue - “I’m done!”

    That poor Cuetec... Tell him to get a new R360 shaft in 11,5mm and the Fusion Snooker shaft.
  7. M.G.

    Can't watch pool anymore, Snooker is so much nicer

    Nowhere near are they robotic and execute the same way. And how they do shots and which ones and all that, highly different! There is a definitive style to each of em. Even the Chinese players (Fu, Ding) that kind of started out identical - now that they are succesful - have diverged vastly and...
  8. M.G.

    Can't watch pool anymore, Snooker is so much nicer

    I was specifically targeting the "watching" part, not the game per se. So please guys, don't talk about the game itself - we all know what Snooker and Pool and the players are all about. And for sure, everybody has different likes. But as you see from previous comments, quite a few have a...
  9. M.G.

    Can't watch pool anymore, Snooker is so much nicer

    Really, I can't watch pool anymore. If you compare World Cup of Pool against recent Snooker matches it's like watching infants in their toy cars competing against some serious Le Mans racing. And yes, I'm also talking about the commentators. Pool
  10. M.G.

    Best way to roll forward just a bit on longer shots?

    Sorry so say, but that's not a stun-run-through. It's a normal follow shot. I only know of stun-run-through. But yes, your description is right: try a stop shot at 1/2 to 3/4 of the distance, then the CB starts to roll after that again. Please use a proper instruction video for that...
  11. M.G.

    Just How "Big" is .2mm?

    Normal hair has between 0,06 und 0,08 mm diameter, with thick hair bordering on 0,1mm. So 0,2mm is roundabout 2-3 hairs. 0,25mm I do consider manifacture tolerance (sad sad). If only they made 10 and 11mm shafts, then I would try one.
  12. M.G.

    How many here are big fans of 8 Ball Pool?

    After a while where we got crazy about 9ball we moved over to 14.1 and then returned to 8ball. I has a contemplative vibe to it, I find. We use standard rules, call all balls of course, and ball in hand on fouls. And we like to play dirty safeties :D Good game is also "cut throat" if you're 3...
  13. M.G.

    Why a carbon shaft???

    I dont understand the hype around an engine that regulates the combustion on its own and you simply can press the accelerator pedal. I have yet to use one, but I would naturally assume it would be ridiculously easy to drive for anybody. What is so good about having an easy to drive carriage...
  14. M.G.

    Making razor cuts in cue tip and ferrule for max adhesion?

    I do that too, but be sure to be extremely careful and only do very shallow and light "scratch cuts", not real deep cuts. I do believe in physics and the laws of maximizing surface adhesion.
  15. M.G.

    Carbon fiber shaft colors

    Um, Becue, please? They came in white, too.
  16. M.G.

    "Outsville needs your help to fight facebook censorship"

    If you rely on a privately controlled company with arbitray self-interests and no strict money-for-service contracts for your business, you deserve to be bitten in the ass. If you think that "traffic" has to do anything with "success" or you rely on ads for you business, you deserver to have...
  17. M.G.

    Best 5 one hole player *ever*

    I really like to play two hole / two pocket. The third one always is kinda strange, so I'll don't do that. I'm quite good at it. :D :p
  18. M.G.

    My opinion about pool cues

    You can pay for "potential", "rumour" and "name-fame". Or you can start accepting that proper craftmanship with proper wood probably will not cost you more than 300-500$ when you're not having any fancy, time-consuming inlays. A cuetec cue for its price and looks (CEV, CER series) actually IS...
  19. M.G.

    Strickland v. Varner, 1991 World 9-Ball - Final Rack

    Boy, does N. Varner's cue sound horrible! Boy, does Earl like to polish his nubbin with chalk a lot there!
  20. M.G.

    Where can I find old fiber ferrules

    Interested question, why would you? To restaurate old cue in an authentic way?