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  1. Lazy Ledy

    Just made it back!!

    Hey guys, Just made it back to Hawaii from Afghanistan!!! It was a little over a 40 hour flight from a little country outside of China called Kyrgyzstan. I probably ate enough Tylenol PM and Nyquil on the plane to kill a small kid but, at least it kept me knocked out. Anyone know a good...
  2. Lazy Ledy

    Sneeky Petes F/S! Scruggs Heubler Dufferin

    PM has been sent sir.
  3. Lazy Ledy

    FS: New uncalked Samsara Break Jump Cues--Superb Quality!

    I bought one of these beauties with a leather wrap about 4 months ago. For starters, the cue looks 100x better in person. Even tho I have only got to use it for about 2 weeks (being in Afghan kills my pool shootin) it breaks a ton and I am really glad I bought one. Martin is a great guy and I...
  4. Lazy Ledy

    Happy Birthday tommie1351

    Happy Bday Brotherman!!!
  5. Lazy Ledy

    FS: Deluxe Omen Petes--new, unchalked!

    Martin is a really good and honest guy to deal with.
  6. Lazy Ledy

    Review, Story, and Critique-New JB Custom Case

    WOW... that case is almost to nice to use.
  7. Lazy Ledy

    Jensen cue for sale

    Really nice lookin cue.
  8. Lazy Ledy

    Pool Related Pet Peeves...

    Ive got a few but Ill list the main two... 1. I absolutely completely hate people that bumb into the butt of your cue when your gettin in your practice strokes in or in mid-stroke hitting the cue. It really makes me want to punch babies or flip strollers at Wal-Mart. 2. People that place...
  9. Lazy Ledy

    Who did I bet last night?

    I dont know to many people that would do this, my hat is off to you.
  10. Lazy Ledy

    T-Wheels NOT happy blog, adventures of Team CSI cont

    I think the video camera will come in handy, the blogs sound like they will be entertaining to watch.
  11. Lazy Ledy

    Andy Gilbert '02

    Ill take the last 3 to finish it off. Spots: 53,54,56
  12. Lazy Ledy

    Where do you draw the line.

    I agree. I would rather take the shot and lose knowing that I tried, then playing a safety I could get screwed by.
  13. Lazy Ledy

    Etiquette question

    I don't talk to people I dont know during a game. If I am out drinkin and shootin with my buddies, I have a tendency of talkin ALOT of shit.
  14. Lazy Ledy

    new boy

  15. Lazy Ledy


    Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
  16. Lazy Ledy

    Banger Break and Run

    I believe its because they are concentrating to hard on where they want the cue ball to go. I know alot of the times if I start thinking really hard (which normally causes headaches) on what I want to do with the cue, I completely screw myself over. If I dont sweat about the position to much I...
  17. Lazy Ledy

    voodoo cues

    I like the designs that are etched in them, never hit with one tho. They have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty which is kind of nice.
  18. Lazy Ledy

    Harry Simms Cue For Sale

    Can you post pics and specs for it? It migh help your cause.
  19. Lazy Ledy

    what to do

    Taking care of the family should be more then enough reason for him to understand why you needed to sell the cue ASAP. It sucks he is in the hospital and hopefully everything is okay, but he should understand the situation you are in.
  20. Lazy Ledy

    The red-winged black bird 2x4 ritch remo case

    Really Gorgeous case!!