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    Taper-Shaper shield ...

    I'll take it. Please send payment info. Thanks, Casey
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    Live Center For Sale

    I'll take them. Please send payment info.
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    For Sale: Tapered Carbide Sleeve - DIY your sanding mandrel

    In your original post, you say that you can do custom sizes, but can you do them just straight sizes with no taper?
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    Kamui Black Clear SS

    I've got some. I'm in the Pasadena area 45 and the Beltway if you are still looking. Won't be home till about 6-6:30 if you are still looking.
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    He is. Just spent the day with him and Buddy Hall last weekend. I know he checks this every now and then, so he may chime in himself.
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    New Tip Job....What Say Ye?

    Maybe it is just my monitor, but does anyone else see the colors at the bottom of the tip? Looks like pink and blue to me. I think the tip is a Poison tip and not a Kamui at all.
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    Rear Chuck for Porper B Q-lathe ... ?? or call between 9 AM to 4PM Central Time 217-320-2404. He's got them and the price is pretty good.
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    3/8"-11 tap for sale

    what is your paypal?
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    3/8"-11 tap for sale

    I'll take it. How do you want payment?
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    Inlay Machine For Sale

    Everything arrived and is setup. Thanks Chris!!
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    Inlay Machine For Sale

    I'll take it. SOLD
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    Need help with Cue Companion

    Noted, but when i use it, I only switch direction when I need to clean a shaft and never touch during normal use. I simply turn it off and then switch directions. Just made due with what I found that day.
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    Need help with Cue Companion

    I hope these pics help. I picked up the plastic dual switch box at home depot and used a double lightswitch cover. The toggle switch is 125v/3amp also at home depot. From the motor take the whit and black wires and solder to the center two poles. You won't use the green. Then from the...
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    equipment for sale

    Can you give a rough idea of what you are looking to get for this? You can send PM if you prefer. Thanks,
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    what kind of tips are these?

    Those look like LePro with a red pad underneath to me.
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    F/S: Porper Model -B lathe

    Do you have any pictures and a list of what all comes with it?
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    Help with info about Bludworth sneaky pete cue?

    You can PM Leonard Bludworth on here at "blud" and ask him about the cue or you can contact John Rocker @ RocketQ and he can make you new shafts. I know he and Leonard talk often and that is probably who Leonard would recommend.
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    Show your Sneaky Petes, no matter how plain they are.

    This is my second cue to finish. It was built for a charity auction.
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    **********Black 3X5 Cowboy instroke case**********

    Sorry, thought PayPal was okay.
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    apus layered tips

    I put a couple on for the same guy and he loves them. I think they play a little soft in the center and harder towards the outside.