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    2024 World Pool Championship

    Well tell that to John Schmidt who started to play at the age of 18 🙂 and if you want less extreme example i started to play pool competitively at the age of 19 and so far I won 20 national champion titles,the last one at the age of 45 last autumn😉 so yeah,i beg to differ😁
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    Seal a CF Shaft

    You may be interested in this product:
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    Happy Ending!

    2 main advantages: men have stronger arm muscles resulting in much more effective break shots and high velocity shots in general = to generate the same speed men need to use less power than women resulting in better accuracy. the other advantage which is being ignored quite often is much better...
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    WPA will no longer ban players who join Matchroom

    My bet would be on Karls account being hacked/stolen at this point..
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    WPA will no longer ban players who join Matchroom

    I see Darren shared just the press release from WPA fb without any comment, it is only Karl Boyes spreading this "fake news" narrative, I wonder what it is all about...
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    WPA will no longer ban players who join Matchroom

    The whole thing may have gotten quite an interesting twist, Karl Boyes on his FB posted that this press release is a fake news without any further explanation. And I positively know that the mail european federations got from EPBF were truly sent by Gre Leenders. Now as crazy as it may sound...
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    WPA will no longer ban players who join Matchroom

    Great! Thanks for heads up 🥳
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    WPA will no longer ban players who join Matchroom

    Where did you find this press release? hopefully it isnt some kind of fake news joke...
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    Another Euro Phenom...........

    It wasnt the first time someone tried to mess around with Jaysons head last minute prior to high stakes match and Jayson didnt want to go this route again, simple as that..
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    How often do pros "practice"? What is enough?

    Eklent Kaci back in 2018 started to win almost anything he entered and in one interview he was asked what made the difference for him to turn himself from talented young kid to a killer/tournament winner he became. Eklent smirked and answered: "I stopped to practice 3-4 hours a day and started...
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    Jayson Shaw First Contracted Pro on WNT

    Its like this: lets say Makkonen signs with WNT and participates in Matchroom event after March 1st 2024. In turn WPA issues a ban on Makkonen, enforces it within its entire structure which means WPA wont allow Makkonen to enter any WPA tournaments AND to enter any tournaments on continental...
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    Jayson Shaw First Contracted Pro on WNT

    Uski just signed along with Abdullah Alyousef, Robbie Capito, Emil Andre Gangflot and Mohammad Soufi...
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    Allison Fisher joins Fedor, becomes AMERICAN

    While technically you are right as Fedor has several years ahead of him before he becomes US citizen my thoughts on his case specifically is that he has been living in USA for some time and he declared he wants to become US citizen and wants to represent USA (while not being able to return to...
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    Conflict Over Concession of Game

    You did the very thing you should do as a tournament director(y) Honestly? If my opponent concedes a game/match when I have yet a shot to shoot then I usually miss on purpose just to mess with his/her mind a little :cool:
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    Sickest shot ever?

    Yeah you can tell Daz was happy about the outcome :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    SJM at 2023 Mosconi Cup- Malice at the Palace

    Ralph spent several weeks with the team before MC. and you are perfectly right - coaching during MC doesnt make much difference,as a matter of fact you can make things much worse at the heat of the moment. But if you watched Ralph carefully during MC he seemed to do almost nothing,he was...
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    SJM at 2023 Mosconi Cup- Malice at the Palace

    Sorry but you cant be further from the truth. One name - Johan Ruijsink. He came to european team in 2007 after a decade when Europe won just once. Since 2007 to 2014 Europe won 7 times! Then Johan came to team USA in 2017 and while USA lost 4:11 it was WAY closer than the score shows. In 2018...
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    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    My opinion is the main difference is actually the quality of coaching/preparation for MC because those players CAN play under normal conditions. Dont get me wrong, I love JJ as a commentator, he is extremely knowledgable guy but he is not an instructor of Johan Ruijsink or Ralph Eckert...
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    Fedor Departs CueTec...?

    You are free to do that, enjoy your ExPro but all the properties of both shafts that I care about (power, deflection, hit, lenght of the taper) point to the fact that P20-K is vastly superior shaft to ExPro in regards to my needs :)
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    Kamui Tip Hardness Chart..... very interesting

    Here you go ;)