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    slightly used purple heart wrapless joss with maple handle and fluer de lis inlay

    pics Yes bad pics but still nice price..send offers
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    slightly used purple heart wrapless joss with maple handle and fluer de lis inlay

    I am selling a slightly used purple heart joss. No major dents or scratches,shaft shows a little use not much. I do not have a scale but i believe the cue is about 20oz. Cue retails for about 625 . i will take 400.00 (paypal) shipped in continental u s. I have a few pics not very good but if...
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    1×2 whitten

    pending Sold pending payment
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    1×2 whitten

    I have a slightly used whitten 1×2 that has the gina logo on top. This is the case as seen here. It has a few minor scuffs but nothing too serious. You can see the case here as my camera is not working at the moment. . I...
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    cocobola cog and whitten 1x2

    cog Solid playing cog
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    cocobola cog and whitten 1x2

    added pics Not the best but gives you an idea of cog
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    cocobola cog and whitten 1x2

    Coco forearm with ebony but and ivory diamonds I have completely lost interest in pool and don't have any type of desire to play pool. So my loss of interest is your gain. I bought this cue which is abt 19 ounces with one shaft. I purchased another cog shaft fir it except thevwecond one has...
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    TJ Davis...Dallas Texas

    ha...thats funny tj has no chance playing cj
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    $1,200 Added, Omega Billiards Tour, Oct 6-7 Rusty's Billiards Fort Worth, TX

    good glad to see something good going off in the dfw metroplex its about time hopefully it grows and grows in popularity
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    Best full splice with veneers in the world

    hit!!! Dean is not lying about the hit of Johns cue. I got rid of an old pre date southwest for one of Johns q's and I would not trade it for the world. I get compliments on my q everywhere I go. Dean is not lying about this John's work is very underrated imho and if you want to get...
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    Someone told me dave favor passed

    Dave Dave won a local tournament here in ft worth tonight. So he is good
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    Looking for dave favor!!!!

    ok He played in a tournament here n Texas tonight. He is good
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    Ultimate 10 Ball Championships BCA, WBPA - Frisco,TX - $50,000 Added 4/21-4/24

    word word is after the last match of the night the room will be closed for the night.
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    Results from Shooters monthly Waco,Tx 3/26/11

    payout thats a good payout for a small tournament......its not bad for a small amount of players ...good job frank keep it up .... when i come out of retirement again i will try and make it out to support ur cause......we need to get the golf group going again..
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    March 26th $50 9ball Skinny Bobs Round Rock,Tx "Mid-Level Only"

    dumb i think thats dumb its better to have just one big pool tournament that way it would be a tougher field that would make it worth it for you if you win instead of 2 or 3 average size tourney but owell things like this is why i quit.
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    March 26th $50 9ball Skinny Bobs Round Rock,Tx "Mid-Level Only"

    tourney Isnt there another mid level tournament in waco the same weekend? wouldnt this take players away from both tourneys?
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    The New Shooter Amateur Monthly Waco, Tx

    action how much we talking?
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    hanshew jumpcues, try one for free

    jump cue James makes by far the best jump cue that I have ever tried. You don't even really need to know how to jump the ball ad this cue really does it on its own. Actually if u ask me it should be outlawed because its so easy