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  1. Mr Machine

    Anyone ever get the YIPS?

    I can totally relate. Got stuck on a roof. I could NOT turn my back on the edge to put that first foot on the ladder. And that was after scampering up and down from the flying bridge on various moving boats for years.
  2. Mr Machine

    Poll for American Pool Fans. Are you watching Matchroom's WNT World Pool Championship live? If so, how?

    Being able to use DAZN like a DVR is a huge plus. Put the match on mid morning (retirement is grand), rewind to the beginning and zap commercials along the way.
  3. Mr Machine

    Poll for American Pool Fans. Are you watching Matchroom's WNT World Pool Championship live? If so, how?

    DAZN only. While the yearly rate is starting to get ridiculous, there’s a lot for me to enjoy between the pool, snooker, boxing & the occasional darts.
  4. Mr Machine

    Your 1st Cue, 30 Years Later

    #1- first cue, fifth or sixth grade- ‘67-68. We had an inexpensive table in the basement. A Christmas gift from my brother. 21 stamped on the side. Pin is in the shaft. Thick like a baseball bat. The shaft warped like a broken finger in the vinyl case. Never had the heart to throw it out...
  5. Mr Machine

    Old Pool Hall Owners Hoppe

    Triangular & squared boxes don’t roll off of the conveyor belts like tubes do. Use a sturdy tube but put it in a box.
  6. Mr Machine

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    The garage, I mean billiard parlor is coming along. Behind the painting of Fats is a dart board. My father & I made that cabinet in 1990. The curtains are a great way to hide storage, lawn chairs, ladder, brooms, etc. I can even open the doors if necessary without removing the curtains.
  7. Mr Machine

    How to combat slow players?

    “Shoot before one of us dies “
  8. Mr Machine

    Ring games or group games

    Cowboy or Cowboy Pool is a fun game for 3or 4. I copied the rules from Wikipedia (where the game is referred to as amateur). Rulesedit Conventional cowboy pool uses only four balls, the cue ball and three numbered balls, the one, three, and five.[6] The balls have a set opening placement: the...
  9. Mr Machine

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Stuck in traffic on 27 heading out to Montauk one fall. Slow, tedious going. Out of sheer boredom I noticed that the potholes were numbered. I thought that was odd & kept creeping along. Finally the traffic started to clear. The cause of the hour plus traffic jam? It was the crew numbering...
  10. Mr Machine

    Has anyone ever heard of a Movie called THE PLAYER Starring Minnesota Fats in 1971

    Well said. Like a slow motion freight train wreck, I couldn’t stop watching. Was that some slip stroke or what?
  11. Mr Machine

    The Best Affordable Cuemakers Today?

    Love my Olivier cue.
  12. Mr Machine

    What did Herman Rambow & Ringo Starr have in common?

    In the knife world we refer to it as “Mother Of Toilet Seat” :)
  13. Mr Machine

    Anyone Use A Rhino Carbon Fiber Shaft?

    So using hand tools, how does one remove these new fangled tips with the clear disc?
  14. Mr Machine

    Seal a CF Shaft

    Alcohol & paper towels. By hand until clean. A double paper towel folded in half, and in half again and again. 2 or 3 times. Rubbed the heck out of it each time. FWIW, I never chalk with my bridge hand. Still think you got a lemon :dunno:
  15. Mr Machine

    Seal a CF Shaft

    Mmmmmmmm….. could be…… :)
  16. Mr Machine

    Seal a CF Shaft

    Seems as though Rhino is going the way of many smaller companies…. The customer is quality control. My Rhino shaft is slick, quiet and leaves no residue after the initial intensive cleaning. The OP either got a lemon, or it’s the desert/dry climate. :dunno:
  17. Mr Machine

    Have I come across the ultimate nit?

    Saving/keeping face is such an interesting concept and very strange to us westerners. I was told that however bad you feel embarrassing yourself, it is much worse to embarrass another. Fair assessment? Could that guy have been asserting dominance? Laying groundwork for future interactions?
  18. Mr Machine

    DAZN Account Problems

    Tell your friend your situation , click on the next button and see what happens. Worst case scenario, you reimburse your friend.
  19. Mr Machine

    Custom cues

    Love my Olivier cue!
  20. Mr Machine

    The Hustler > The Color of Money > ???

    I was right there with ya till we got to “makes his own cue…” Maybe that’s where he meets the surprise finalist….Pia :) :) :)