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  1. asiasdad

    Special edition of Eddie Robin's one pocket books

    I do not know if the story is true, however Eddie himself told a collector from Portland, Or who bought 3 boxes of his books in my presence at Eddie's apartment in Las Vegas in 2005 that a storage unit fire destroyed a box of the lizard skin books which were all the even number sets. If this...
  2. asiasdad

    TAD Merry Widow

    and you most likely won't if you send money for it.
  3. asiasdad

    Sold FS: Capone

    Brass..... At that price it is a smoking deal for someone who wants an honest cue.
  4. asiasdad

    Set of Eddie Robin one pocket books $600

    Are these what Eddie calls the "bonded leather" set with the stamped signatures of the co-authors ?
  5. asiasdad

    One pocket shirt

    payment sent
  6. asiasdad

    Centennial Table for saleDallas $10,000

    Dean invited me to his home today after both of us learning I now live only 20 minutes from him. This table is gorgeous with black Brazilian Rosewood rails. It played extremely well and I honestly do not understand why Dean is throwing in a brand new slate set to go with the table. He...
  7. asiasdad

    TAD Merry Widow

    I received 4 warning PM's today with no response from this "seller" 1500 is too good to be true, however as one member suggested, this damn sure is not a 2500 cue when they sell between 1800-2000 in mint condition. People asking more than 2000 for them ain't selling them. A Tad-1 with a big...
  8. asiasdad

    TAD Merry Widow

    pm sent.....
  9. asiasdad

    Tascarella For sale. Unchalked Hoppe

    Maybe Timothy Soong will buy it
  10. asiasdad

    Tad Model 5 Original Catalog Cue-Zebrawood

    Great looking Tad you've found Ted. The butt sleeve is as cool as it gets.
  11. asiasdad

    FS~ **Prewitt** Burl Widow

    That is a very nice cue at an attractive price.
  12. asiasdad

    New pool room in Plano, Texas ?

    Thanks Randy, I found a Rack Daddys in Richardson that has 3 nine foot tables also non smoking.
  13. asiasdad

    New pool room in Plano, Texas ?

    Does anyone know if this room is becoming a reality ? I just moved back to the area and having a difficult time finding a room not riddled with future cancer patients. Need a room with 9' tables. Thanks for your help.
  14. asiasdad

    *****Centennial Cue Cases*****

  15. asiasdad

    *****Centennial Cue Cases*****

    No worries. Please withdraw my offer
  16. asiasdad

    *****Centennial Cue Cases*****

    I'll take the black one
  17. asiasdad

    Ivory joint Tascarella merry widow

    More photos more photos Per Pete Jr. cue was ordered by original owner with 12.6 shafts
  18. asiasdad

    Manzino joint caps for cocobolo cue

    3/8-11 I still have these caps. Would like to find current owner of the cue.
  19. asiasdad

    Ivory joint Tascarella merry widow

    Highly figured birdseye maple merry widow with ivory joint, ferrules and elephant ear wrap custom wood joint protectors Butt 14.9 oz. Shaft 1 is 3.8oz @ 12.56mm Shaft 2 is 3.7oz @ 12.58mm The Pete's charge 1850 for a basic cue +450 ivory joint / ferrules option + 300 elephant ear option or...
  20. asiasdad

    New Whitten 2x4 case

    This case is all class. Joe Whitten offers the best value for the money imo After owning dozens of "bragging rights" cases I have reduced to only one case, a Whitten 2x4.