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    Any Dieckman Stories?

    A couple of Dennis’s cards
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    my 3 favorite pool players to watch

    Efren, My son, and Little Otto
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    Sold JB 2x5/3x4 Interior

    Pm sent
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    Joss- 1968-1979- Post your Pictures Please!!!

    Scruggs business card, at Joss
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    Diamond table how much did you pay thread..

    In 2010, Red label 7 ft Dymondwood $3600.00 plus $700.00 delivery and set up. Milwaukee to Detroit , Charlie D
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    My experience practicing at home

    I was home alone, And decided to practice on my table. Hit a few balls until I get sloppy. I was hitting them pretty good, at least for me. I am down on the shot went to stroke, and somebody grabbed my cue butt. I believe everybody has that happened to them. Thinking it was my son I turned...
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    Rosewood Hoppe?

    Thank you for the ID, At this time ,I’m leaning to have it restored. Charlie D
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    Rosewood Hoppe?

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    Rosewood Hoppe?

    Recent pick up, not sure of wood. I am leaning towards rosewood. Thanks Charlie D
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    Test photos

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    Old Elite cue

    Dick Coons Lincoln Nebraska?
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    Sold Store your cues safely

    PM sent
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    Re-Dye Leather Grip

    My one time relying a leather wrap, tape well to protect cue finish. I then used Fiebings Deglazer for the wrap. I then used Fiebings leather dye. worked very well for me and 5 years later still looks great. But tape well, that can’t be said enough. Charlie D
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    re : Jerry -R-

    What he said x2. Charlie D
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    Another who made it

    Thank You all for your input, Charlie D
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    Another who made it

    No logo, I think palmer pm-4, but joint collar throws me off.(silver nickle?) The furrle is yellowish, and came in a Adam tube case Thanks Charlie D PS cue is 57 inch
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