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  1. dabarbr

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    I've been away for while. Am I in the click?
  2. dabarbr

    APA US Amateur is triple tough

    Depends on what she looks like.
  3. dabarbr

    Centennial pool table for sale nine footer

    Yes. it's Frank Dabarbr. Time to
  4. dabarbr

    Centennial pool table for sale nine footer

    It is a pull out drawer built for the table for all of your accessories like chalk, gloves, tappers ball polish creams, etc. Has a polished aluminum facing to match the table. Can be removed if needed. I'll try to post pictures.
  5. dabarbr

    Centennial pool table for sale nine footer

    Picture of the 9 foot Centennial pool table and light that is for sale. $7500 obo. Must sell. You pick up. Text me at 909-996-6366. Southern California area. Near Los Angeles
  6. dabarbr

    9 foot Centennial pool table for sale

    A Centennial nine footer for sale with custom light. Text me at 909-996-6366 for more info. $7500. You pick up. So California area. Moving soon , need to sell asap. Will send pictures
  7. dabarbr

    Schmidt video release November

    I totally agree with you. I would love to be at one of those private showings. I'm sure he also must have plans to do something like Mosconi did with his poster. He made one for each ball that he ran. I have number 98 of 526. There is a handsome profit to made with 626 posters. Good luck John.
  8. dabarbr


    Of course. Keeping it simple is always the best way.
  9. dabarbr

    Custom Gold Crown Light

    Nice. Can't wait to see the finished product. Also there's more pride in it when you had a hand in making it.
  10. dabarbr

    Rules Question / Also A WWYD?

    You're a good man for calling a foul on yourself even though you knew that you shot away from that object ball. I'm surprised that your friend accepted the foul. I remember a match I was in and I called the ref to oversee a shot that had similar results. The ref called foul. I waited until the...
  11. dabarbr

    Gabby from Houston.......

    In that tournament in Sherman Oaks Me an Ron Rosas won it so regular that they put both of us with a two game handicap. Ron mostly quit playing and I continued to play and win my share.
  12. dabarbr

    Gabby from Houston.......

    Jay, you highly underestimate Bill's game. I also beat Gabby a couple of sets and he pulled up. Bill and I played each other many times and neither one of us could get the better of it. I beat Keith three sets playing seven ahead and getting the last two, playing roll out. Won all three sets...
  13. dabarbr

    Another Mud Table

    I hope it doesn't rain.
  14. dabarbr

    4-Balls-Limit-In-Kitchen-Rule, 1- Pocket

    That's the way it's played at the Hard Times when that unusual incident comes up.
  15. dabarbr

    Hawaiian brian

    Sad news to hear. Brian was a good friend of mine. Didn't look too well the last time I saw him in Vegas. RIP my friend.
  16. dabarbr

    bar table 8 ball, dealing with a bad break with clusters

    A good number of years back I was in a tournament playing a race to seven. My opponent had just won his sixth game to put him on the hill. He broke hard and dry. I then ran the table now it's hill/hill and I broke at about half speed with the second ball break to make it had for him to run out...
  17. dabarbr

    Pool Hall equipment for sale

    Wasn't there a Centennial at the Gas Lamp too? Or am I going nuts?
  18. dabarbr

    Pool Rooms With Golf Games

    Golf on a snooker table? Do you stand on the table and putt the ball around? Hey Johnny we're the same age for at least a couple of weeks.
  19. dabarbr

    80's "Chem" Players & "Mexican" Ron Rosas discussed on The Troubled Men Podcast!

    I'm sorry to see this thread go so far sideways. Sometimes when someone makes a post it doesn't quite come off as intended. Take the post by poolhustler. I know him and no way would he ever say something to embarrass anyone. And maybe Ron misunderstood what poolhustler was saying. Ron Rosas...
  20. dabarbr

    Getting wild 7 on 7' diamond vs 9' diamond

    It seems to me that a 600 fargo against a 700 fargo is pretty much an even game on the seven footer giving up the seven ball but the 700 has the edge on the nine footer. When I was on my game years ago I would prefer giving up the seven on the nine footer. Years of experience talking here.