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  1. supergreenman

    I'm back

    If it hurts you're doing it wrong.
  2. supergreenman

    I'm back

    You pushed out to a jump.... go ahead
  3. supergreenman

    I'm back

    Well, I've been off work sick for a few years, you'd think I'd spend more time on here forums but the truth is I cut back on all my online activity. I hope everyone here is has been well. I've been sporadically playing pool, I even played in one of the Preditor Tour events. Then Covid hit and...
  4. supergreenman

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    OMG!!!!!!! Mother FUGGER that must have hurt. he's lucky to be alive
  5. supergreenman

    Posted by the VNEA league coordinator

    That's for NAPA not VNEA. After looking at the rules for VNEA I have to conclude that a called shot/safety on an open table is allowed.
  6. supergreenman

    Posted by the VNEA league coordinator

    "VNEA rule question: Player breaks makes a ball, he wants to call a ball in the pocket to establish his objects balls and play a safe so he does not have to shoot again, is this legal? Yes this is a perfectly legal shot, like any safety shot you are giving up the table to your opponent but you...
  7. supergreenman

    WPA Failure: International Olympic Committee

    If freaking ribbon twirling can be an Olympic sport why not billiards?
  8. supergreenman

    I got called a chickensh!t by an older fellow

    wear it like a badge of honor brother!!!!!!!
  9. supergreenman

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Those must be valley girls
  10. supergreenman

    McDermott shaft

    I use the I2 for my regular playing shaft. At first I found it light in the front end. I didn't find that to be a big deal and got used to it quite fast. Pretty good shaft.
  11. supergreenman

    The Jump Shot

    Opinions are like assholes. everybody has one
  12. supergreenman

    This is what put pool back decades

    NO, don't be ridiculous. High cost of real estate, pool room owners lack of ability to adapt to things like smoking bans and internet are whats put pool on a decline. Average Joe who's deciding what to do on a Friday night has most likely never heard of Earl Strickland, doesn't care about...
  13. supergreenman

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I remember that hand. what a cooler
  14. supergreenman

    Does the prevalence of one-pocket hurt the overall pool game in the US?

    Do you only go to the gym to work on you curls and expect to be fit? 1P can only help your game, strategy and stroke. caveat: unless it's the only game you play/practice.
  15. supergreenman

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    cocky little bastard!!!!!!
  16. supergreenman

    Weekly tournament /B&R jackpot ideas wanted

    One of the most successful B&R pots in my city is 10ball. You have to make a ball on the break, Each ball is worth a 10th of the pot and a player can quit anytime and collect for the balls he's sank. Or.... He can let it all ride and try shoot the next lowest numbered ball, if he misses he...
  17. supergreenman

    Weekly tournament /B&R jackpot ideas wanted

    a B&R pot is like a lottery, not some private fund only regulars can access. anybody that pays the entry should be able to collect.
  18. supergreenman

    We need to be careful

    You mean like this?