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  1. "CaliRed".

    USBTC streaming tech help please

    if you cannot access on any of your pc's at your location, then you are probably using Time Warner (I think it was Time Warner) for your cable connection. If this is the case, you need to talk to a higher level tech support there and tell them to unblock IP's for that...
  2. "CaliRed".

    Jimmy Reid aka "Diamond Jim" and "Hippie Jimmy"

    If he sends any pc's he's got that have issues to me, i would be more than happy to fix them up for free for him. (sent from my phone, expect fewer words)
  3. "CaliRed".

    TOI video PPV (CJ Wiley) now available

    Cj, never a good idea to publish IP addresses... The Numbers. Might want to edit those out quick before someone quotes your post. (Sent from my phone, expect fewer words)
  4. "CaliRed".

    2013 DCC Banks - Here's whos left - Round 6/7

    IHere's who's left. If they have a 0 after their name, they have not lost a match yet. If they have a 1 after their name, next loss they're out of the tournament. Go to for live scheduled matches and completed matches. There is NO brackets for the Derby. Players have a option...
  5. "CaliRed".

    If You Use The Same Password on Billiards Digest & AZB...

    Just to let you guys know, this is no joke. There are many programs and websites that are have databases that compare hash's to passwords. It's as easy as pasting in that hash you see in pastebin, into a website and it looks thru it's database to see if it's in there already. If it's not, it...
  6. "CaliRed".

    Mike Dechaine

    haha, that was a good one:smile: I did read his post on Facebook and I can help you out with someone that read all 186 comments of it at the time. Summary, Mike said after watching him play at TS, that he wanted to play some insinuating that he dogged it Lots of people weighed in and many...
  7. "CaliRed".

    Civility in a pool forum. Should we have more of it on AZB?

    As I mentioned, I am curious. Beings my profession has been in the IT field for the past 30 years, I've been heavily involved in discussion groups going back to when they were in the form of BBS's, then evolving into Usenet Newsgroups and finally into forums as we know them today. I have...
  8. "CaliRed".

    Civility in a pool forum. Should we have more of it on AZB?

    just how far back do you go to revive your world famous threads? This one died 2 months ago, but yet you intentionally dug it out again so you can say thanks to someone that replied 2 months ago? I know you like to have at least 6 Lock and Load threads going on at all times, but you're really...
  9. "CaliRed".

    1994 US Open Onepocket - Bill Incardona-Cliff Joyner (Semis)

    I'm continuing to try and push myself to get some stuff completed that I've been slacking on for a year now. Finishing posting the last few videos of this tournament and that's one thing I can cross off the list.:) I'm posting this on the CSI Youtube channel, so while you're over there...
  10. "CaliRed".

    Turning stone classic xx ** free live stream **

    Damn, I'm been waiting for two days to watch the svb/dechaine match and we get Oscar and Shaw? I know, I know, beggars can't be..... but?
  11. "CaliRed".

    **Rare Video of Cole Dickson & Dave Matlock from 1993 LA Open**

    Thanks to all of you that let me know you watched it and thanks for the thanks:) I hope many people enjoyed it and got a feel for how Cole played... meaning his stance, stroke, demeanor at the table, etc.... not whether he won or lost or took the right shot, after all this is one match out of...
  12. "CaliRed".

    **Rare Video of Cole Dickson & Dave Matlock from 1993 LA Open**

    Thanks for the kind words Richie! I hope this year is not a repeat of last year. I wish I could go to DCC again, you're right, I'm right at home there and would love to take all kinds of video to share with everyone but I'm living on a fixed income now so can't make it. Maybe I can find some...
  13. "CaliRed".

    **Rare Video of Cole Dickson & Dave Matlock from 1993 LA Open**

    thanks for the additional info Jay... seems you have been everywhere and you also remember where you've been:) So you think JJ might have been the guy that taped this match and Bugs and Mark G on Table 6? If so, might anyone have a email for JJ they can PM me? It would be worth seeing if he...
  14. "CaliRed".

    **Rare Video of Cole Dickson & Dave Matlock from 1993 LA Open**

    Oh, forgot to mention, Cole is great at the "twist" bank, here's a couple from his Luat match I posted up quite awhile ago. and of course what happens the 1st game of this video? that's right:)
  15. "CaliRed".

    **Rare Video of Cole Dickson & Dave Matlock from 1993 LA Open**

    Yeah, it's me again.:p Let me take a brief moment to apologize for my year long absence. I'm trying to break out of the worst year of my life, which included the worst year in every dept.... work, finances, family, marriage, health, housing and pool. I am trying to adjust to major changes in...
  16. "CaliRed".

    Jason "buffalo" hunt

    I didn't see anything that impressed me in the least. I saw a video that someone edited to only show shots he made and they were all basic shots that anyone that was better then a bar box banger should make consistently. I also watched another video where I was less then impressed with any mad...
  17. "CaliRed".

    Created a website for a new league, looking for input.

    Whatever you do, don't go searching for Joola or you probably will be spending your time learning table tennis.:) The correct term, which the poster that referred it to you did spell correctly, is Joomla. Joomla, WordPress, Drupal are all CMS (Content Management System) apps. They make it...
  18. "CaliRed". is it safe

    Larry, I wouldn't go there anymore. Just use the "offline" wei table I uploaded at the other site. If you need any help with it, just holler.
  19. "CaliRed".

    Who was the one pool player that you learned the most from watching them play?

    Dude, you start enough new threads, is it really necessary to go back to your own threads that people stopped replying to a month ago, and make a reply to them so they get bumped back to the front page again? You do this all the time. I just don't understand why some people feel the need to...
  20. "CaliRed".

    U.S. Open cash problems.....AGAIN!

    This video here, shows a very concerned Barry B. describing why Shane is only getting 25 g's for his win at the 2012 US Open. Considering this video is him after the event has finished, I think it's safe to say that he knows at this point he is not paying the top 6 or whatever it was. So the...