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  1. Bill the Cat

    Shaft blanks with ferrule for practice?

    Practice cues When I first started, I put an add in our local paper's wanted section. "Pools cues wanted. Any condition." You'd be amazed at the number of calls I got from people who had old house cues and some two-piece cues just sitting in their garage that they just wanted to get rid of...
  2. Bill the Cat

    Wtb holly turning blanks or dowels

    Quality Holly This place has the best Holly I've ever run across.
  3. Bill the Cat

    Custom cue under $700

    CAT Cues Everything I've got is under your $700 price target. Here's what I've got available at the moment. They are all "one-of-a-kind" that I made myself. Most are also new and unchalked. The first one is slightly used. I sold it to a "friend" with no money up front and he never paid, so I...
  4. Bill the Cat

    Shielded wire for limit/home switches

    Wiring Thanks to everyone for their input!
  5. Bill the Cat

    Shielded wire for limit/home switches

    Limit/Home Switch Setup The system uses the Gecko 540. I believe the signal voltage for the limit and home inputs is 5v.
  6. Bill the Cat

    Shielded wire for limit/home switches

    I'm helping a friend setup a Taig CNC Mill. I'm looking for shielded wire to use for the connection of the limit/home switches. I found this source on line and was wondering if this is the preferred size and would provide adequate shielding for wiring these switches...
  7. Bill the Cat

    Looking for something cheap

    Cat Cues I've got a new custom that I made several years ago. It's the second cue pictured in the link below. I'm asking $225 shipped in the continental US. I've also got a number of others that are a little more pricey ($250 - $450).
  8. Bill the Cat

    Under $600 Custom Cue

    Cat Cues I've only got two at the moment that are wrapped. The first one is just slightly heavier (20.2 oz.) than your desired specs. Asking $400 The second is just slightly lighter (18.5 oz.) and slightly less expensive. Asking $300. The weight bolt could be changed to get either one to...
  9. Bill the Cat

    Helping a Friend to Find a Cheap Decent Cue For a New Player

    Cat Cues Here's what I've got available at the moment. They are all "one-of-a-kind" that I made myself. Most are also new and unchalked. The first one is slightly used. I sold it to a "friend" with no money up front and he never paid, so I "repossessed" it. The next to last is one that I used...
  10. Bill the Cat

    Novice question about cue lathes

    Big safety difference I've banged my knuckles on numerous occasions with my Hightower lathe :o The machine shop lathes can take your hand/arm off :eek:
  11. Bill the Cat

    Break tip installation

    My system for White Diamond tip install FWIW, I always had a hard time getting White Diamonds to stay on no matter how much roughed them up and/or what glue I used. I always attributed the lateral forces of off-center breaks were the cause. Here's crude sketch of my solution. It's a...
  12. Bill the Cat

    Joint protector studs

    This is where I buy mine. Good quality and good pricing.
  13. Bill the Cat

    compressed air dryer

    No moisture option Have you considered changing the way you apply finish instead. The problem(s) with compressed air for finishing is the the reason I opted for a HVLP system. Nothing but dry air with no oil residue. In the long run, I think it's cheaper than the expensive options to remove...
  14. Bill the Cat

    Looking for new inexpensive break cue with leather tip (not phenolic)

    I may have a couple..... depends on what you consider inexpensive. I have two custom break cues with purpleheart shafts and canvas phenolic ferrules. One has a Porper RAM (composite, not leather) tip and the other has a White Diamond (not leather, but not phenolic) tip. I'm asking...
  15. Bill the Cat

    $250-300 whats out there?

    How about a CAT custom cue? Here are links to the ones I currently have that fit your budget. They range from $220 to $300 (plus shipping). The second one is used, but excellent condition. It was my personal playing cue for a while. The last one is also used (a repo). I let a "friend" play...
  16. Bill the Cat

    End Mills

    I'll second that I've tried cheaper bits and they aren't worth it.
  17. Bill the Cat

    400 to spend

    How about a CAT cue? I have a number of cues at or below what you have in Paypal. Here are just a few. Let me know if anything catches your eye.
  18. Bill the Cat

    LTB Purple Heart shafts

    I've got a couple I have two break cues for sale that both have purpleheart shafts. They have natural canvas phenolic joints and ferrules. One has a Porper Ram tip and the other has a Hard Water Buffalo tip. I would consider selling just the shafts for $110 each (plus shipping).
  19. Bill the Cat

    WTB Wrapless/Non-Steel Jointed Cue

    CAT customs I've got a few that are well below your budget. If you see something you like, I can provide more pics and full specs.
  20. Bill the Cat

    Linen feel question

    Jmho The only "treatment" that was done to the black and red was a poor wrap job in my opinion. There are gaps between strands and the linen was not pressed/burnished properly. Actually, it looks like one I might have done way back in the beginning when I was just learning ;-) I can't think...