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  1. Walkermine

    New North Demon Cues

    Look familiar? If you know anything about cues, it should. The cuemaker with the real "eye for design" here would be Bob Manzino and his cue Silver Rhapsody. The cue was an award winner at the 2006 ICCS. New North Demon Cues may or may not put out top notch work, but to say he has an eye for...
  2. Walkermine

    Scrimshaw Cues: Schick, Mottey, Drexler

    Hey Will, I don't get here as often these days but just saw your awesome collection. Thanks for sharing. Since you asked for other examples and another poster had mentioned Arthur Dienst, I thought I'd post this one. It was also done by Eva. Dubbed Icarus, IMO, it is one of her finest work...
  3. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary

    Thanks all. Appreciate the added cues. Paul
  4. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary

    Just to be clear, most of these are not mine. This is a collection of cues Bob has built for a number of different collectors over the years.
  5. Walkermine

    Blue Beest Jack Justis

    That is so cool. I recall a Lion and a Leopard too. Great collection. Paul
  6. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary

    Last cues. Paul
  7. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary

    More cues (cont)
  8. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary

    More cues.
  9. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary (cont)

    (Ignore - Duplicate Post) duplicate.
  10. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino 25th Anniversary

    This month marks the 25th anniversary in cue making for Bob Manzino. For those of us who have followed his work, many can recall that particular cue which stood out as being special or significant. For me, it was Silver Rhapsody, an award winning box cue he did for collector Ken Kerner in...
  11. Walkermine

    Cuemaker history

    One of the few threads I've ever bookmarked.
  12. Walkermine

    A little MVP Monster Widow. Coming soon!

    That is some beautiful wood there. Be sure to show us the finished cue.
  13. Walkermine

    Manzino Mayhem!!!!

    Jamie, love the cues. Thanks for the breath of fresh air here. The bottom cue, which you dubbed “Eccentricity”, one of my favorites BTW, will be included in the showcase of cues planned for his upcoming 25th Anniversary Calendar.
  14. Walkermine

    Lost and Found

    Thanks guys. Andy makes a great cue and is always fun to work with as most know. The cue always gets a little attention when I'm at the club. Haven't talked with Andy since he relocated. Hope he and family are doing well in Florida.
  15. Walkermine

    Lost and Found

    Well now, look what I found the other night while searching my closet for a pair of dress shoes. Way in the back corner stood a 1x2 Ron Thomas. Curious as to what treasure it might hold, I opened it to find this. Not exactly one of those rare pawnshop finds we are seeing these days with so...
  16. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino "Chama"

    Thanks Dean.
  17. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino "Gatsby"

    One more tidbit of information that I had forgot about. Generally on designs of this nature and complexity, the less “help” the cue maker gets from a client, the better the results will be. In fact, most client participation usually begins and ends with a pencil sketch or photograph and at...
  18. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino "Gatsby"

    Thanks Larry. Actually that is my primary reason for posting builds like this. They exhibit the exceptional set of skills some of our very best and most talented cue makers have but are rarely seen. To see this kind of talent up close is breath taking. It is refreshing to see what can be...
  19. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino "Gatsby"

    Got to admire your great taste in cues. :wink: As always, thanks for the nice comments. Paul
  20. Walkermine

    Bob Manzino "Gatsby"

    As a result of the recent thread which highlights Bob's magnificent "Chama", I've been PM''d by several asking that I repost pictures of the Gatsby project done a couple years ago. Original photos had earlier been removed some time back. So here they are as requested. Enjoy. :)