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    Looking for a Sugartree

    Text me atv931-224-8573 and I'll send pictures of one I've got thanks fats
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    Carmeli cue wanted

    Ac JJ Cues .com
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    Looking for cue

    Got a hunter classic,camtillo wood forearm and butt, 2 shafts linen wrap,,butt does have slight wobble ,nothing major. 400 shipped to lower 48. Thanks fats
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    Nice custom cue

    Sly I've got a super nice Leon Sly, steel joint with a radial pin, everything white except the but cap is ivory. 4 point with 4 verneers beautiful Cue. 1600 to lower 48. For pictures text me at 931-224-8573
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    Merry Widow / Plain Jane

    I’ve got a hunter Classic with 2 shafts , does have a slight wobble in the handle. 2 shafts , catimatio wood forearm 450 shipped. For pics text me at 931-224-8573. Thanks fats
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    ~~>>~~>>~~>> Cues wanted <<~~<<~~<<~~

    Cue I've got a mint Bama cue,points verneers, inlays , may have hit 50 balls. 350 shipped. Thanks fats
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    looking for high end cue

    Sly I've got a excellent condition Leon Sly , 2 shafts,ivory 3/8 10 modified joint, ivory ferrules linen wrap. I can send pictures and specs by text. 1600 shipped to lower 48. 931-224-8573. Thanks
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    Show me what you have ($400-800)

    I’ve got a ebony Coker 2 shafts, Leather wrap , holly points , 700 shipped Just got a new phone and pictures didn’t transfer, I can send pictures later if interested text me at 931 224-8573 if you want them. Thanks fats
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    I’ve got money to spend

    Sly I've got a mint,ivory jointed Leon Sly. 1500
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    2x4 Instroke

    I’ve got a custom instroke, all black, top flips to the side, paid 270, I’ll take 250
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    $300-$550 Custom Cue?

    I’ve got a nice hunter classic, how much is shipping to Taiwan thanks fats
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    WTB Coker - Break/Jump cue

    I’ve got a like new omen 425 shipped. Text me at 931-224-8573 for pics thanks fats
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    I’m still looking for a 1st ed of Bluebook of Cues, thanks fats
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    I've got an ebony with white points, white veneers,2shafts. 700 pp as gift if interested text me at 931-224-8573. Thanks fats
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    LTB: Jump/Break Cue

    I've got a same as new Omen,maple front,cocobolo butt, white diamond tip. Played very little, can send pics and specs tomorrow. Please email me at if interested. 400 shipped to conus
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    Looking for a nice custom 60-900

    Spitz I've got a nice Spitz made with a Davis blank, 1 shaft ,linen wrap, 4 point with verneers. 650 shipped to conus
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    I've got a plain jane, tulip wood Olney with 2 shafts for sale, mint condition, very clean. The butt is 15 1/2 oz, 1st shaft is 3 3/4 oz ,13.09 mm 2nd shaft is 3 7/8 oz and 13.06 oz 500 shipped to lower 48 thanks fats. For pics text me at 931-224-8573
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    Manzino...last chance

    Really sweet
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    Diamond oversized 8ft pool table, $2000

    Table 1 or 3 piece slate and is the table still together. Thanks fats
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    WTB customs

    Cues I've got a mint, carmeli 6 point 1250 shipped and a spitz , Davis blank 1 shaft ,600 and it's in excellent shape. Text me at 931-224-8573 for pics and specs if interested. Thanks Fats