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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    NC billiard expos

    You'll find some at regional tournaments. It's not guaranteed, but a possibility. If they're not there it's guaranteed that good matches will happen
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    Will Cleaning Simonis Cloth With a Wet Cloth Permanently Make It Slower?

    He wasn't standing on them, but yea he'd dip the mop in the bucket and slap it on the table. It was a great room that was destined to fail quickly
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    Will Cleaning Simonis Cloth With a Wet Cloth Permanently Make It Slower?

    That should've been an early sign. Ya don't go from 80 tables in play to a ghost town for no reason.
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    Will Cleaning Simonis Cloth With a Wet Cloth Permanently Make It Slower?

    Wet will definitely slow it down. Watched a dumbass at a new room use a sopping wet mop to clean brand new Diamond tables. None of them played the same ever again.
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    Cue Lost by USPS - Should I Refund the Buyer

    I don't need to Google legal terms or scan a thread to know that I would keep my word when selling a cue.
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    Cue Lost by USPS - Should I Refund the Buyer

    The sale was made and delivery of the cue is guaranteed by the seller. If the buyer didn't want insurance you should have either refused to sell, or documented the buyer accepting liability. Few years ago I was selling a TS which had ivory in it. I got an offer from someone in China and I...
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    The Biggest reason Lower level players can't improve ????

    I've been working on how I sight shots in lately and found something pretty interesting. I'm right handed and right eye dominant. On cut shots where the OB is inside my body I rarely miss. On cut shots where the OB is outside my body if I do miss it's because I undercut the shot by a hair.
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    Do you love the game so much that you would switch playing hands if you had to?

    If I had to I would. Who knows how long I would last. I've tried to play offhand before and never progressed past trying to make a bridge. In all the years I've played I haven't attempted a single shot with my opposite hand. I'll either use a bridge or shoot it one handed
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    Your Spot Shot Record?

    I've never tried a record. I used to set up the spot shot with 9 balls as a drill (3 from the rail, 3 one diamond over and 3 spot to spot) and went 9/9 quite a few times. I now do a spot shot drill where I set up behind the line. The object is to make the shot, come back across the line, hit...
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    New pool movie

    Just watched the movie. Not bad. Saw a familiar face towards the end
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    The story behind the Jackot cues

    A 21 page kerfuffle and I can't figure out exactly what happened.
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    "twenty years from now, you'll be looking for a wooden shaft like a hen's tooth"

    I highly doubt that wood shafts will be a rarity. Wood has characteristics that cf can't replicate. I use a cf shaft and in some ways I wish certain characteristics were like wood.
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    Aggravated by my team...pizzed off a more apt description

    Eh it is what it is. We have ppl that can't show up a lot. I'm there almost every week, which sucks if I'm working that day. My plan when I started playing league again was to not be there on days I worked because I get up at 4am, work from 6am till 6pm, rush home, put my contacts in and I'm...
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    Adam Pendley from NC

    I haven't seen either of them in quite some time. I think Marcus is indisposed at the moment. I haven't heard a peep about Adam and I used to see him all the time in Hickory
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    Any word from Dennis Searing....

    Dennis has always been at the top of my list should I ever win the lottery. The small details of his cues are what get me. His inlays always seem to be the exact right size and in the exact right place to compliment the symmetry of the design.