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  1. red stevens

    fs Prather cue cocobola buckhorn joint & hoppe ring

    Is this a fullsplice or what Prather calls a Myriad splice? Might be interested if its built from their fullsplce blanks and can be refitted with a 3/8 x 10 pin.
  2. red stevens

    Dale Perry cues???

    I have 2 of them that I bought several years ago when I first returned to playing again after 30 year absence. Both played very well. The one I have in Oregon is in perfect condition and the one I have in my snowbird place in Arizona has had some shrinkage (very low humidity and high heat in...
  3. red stevens

    One of a kind ivory kingwood ebony 288

    Omg Outstanding craftsmanship!! Love R fullsplice cues and this one is over the top incredible!!
  4. red stevens

    *** Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shafts ***

    Just received my 2nd Edge special order shaft that I bought through Neil. Its perfect in fit to my cue butt and in every dimension that I specified. I am very pleased with Jacoby and even more so with Neilhin. He did a great job helping me acquire this shaft. I had the same experience with...
  5. red stevens

    Birdseye and figured ebony

    Great wood choice I really love the rings. The set off the rest of the cue. Super job!!!
  6. red stevens

    Wbt JD CUES

    I have 3 of them and like them all. All of them have stayed straight and without any finish problems or inlay lifting. Joel's work is excellent. You get a lot for your money from Joel. He is great to work with and honest as can be. I would not hesitate to buy a cue of his or work directly...
  7. red stevens

    FS: Cases for sale**It's George 2x4 & Kopy Kat/GTF**

    What length of cue will the GTF Copy Cat handle?
  8. red stevens

    FS: OB Classic 3/8 x 10 - 12.3mm Shaft

    I will take it assuming its at least 29 inches long. How do you want me to send payment. Private message me the details and I will send the money and my mailing address to you. Thanks Red
  9. red stevens

    FS: OB Classic 3/8 x 10 - 12.3mm Shaft

    What is the diameter at the joint?
  10. red stevens

    *** Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shafts ***

    Any word on availability on the special order shaft I inquired about? I am still wanting to purchase it. Thanks for your efforts!
  11. red stevens

    Jacoby hybrid edge radial F/S

    I am interested but would like to know the diameter of the shaft at the joint. Thanks! Red
  12. red stevens

    *** Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shafts ***

    another shaft order Neil I want to get a qoute on another edge hybrid like my last one. I want it to be a 31 inch 3/8 x 10 joint shaft, with a .885 joint diameter, tread pin depth to be 1.25 inches, and a 12.25 tip. I want it with the Jacoby hybrid long 19 inch taper. I again would like it...
  13. red stevens

    Positive Seller Review: Neilhin

    Neil tranaction I also had a great transaction with Neil. I purchased a Jacoby Edge Hybrid which I special ordered in 31" length, .850 at the joint, and with a 12.25 tip. It took Jacoby a bit of time to make it but Neil was great and I highly recommend him.
  14. red stevens

    Bacote into maple with veneers pics wanted

    bocote into maple with veneers Here is mine. Its a prather fullsplice blank bocote into straight grain maple. There are several photos on photobucket that you can access by starting at...
  15. red stevens

    *** Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shafts ***

    Play report Sorry to be so slow with my report. I spent 2 hours with this shaft each day for the last 4 days and absolutely love the play. The most impressive part is the extra long 19 inch pro taper. I got a 31" shaft and on reaching long shots the long taper really scores. It made my...
  16. red stevens

    Perry Weston???

    early weston I purchased mine in 1990. Its a 6 point ebony into maple and cocobolo in the butt with red spotted black linen wrap. Its 60" long which was his standard length at that time. It plays lights out for me from the moment I first had it in my hands. The balance is superb and my...
  17. red stevens

    *** Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shafts ***

    Edge Shaft I just received from Neil It came this pm and I really like it. It was made to my exact specs by Jacoby. 31 inches with a 3/8x10 joint pin 1.41 inches long, 12.25 mm tip, and .850" at the joint. It shoots great and I am very pleased with the workmanship. I really like the extra...
  18. red stevens

    katana LD shafts

    shafts I believe the Jacoby Edge Hybrid has 64 pieces of wood spliced together and is really not similar to the OB or other LD shafts except it is a spliced together shaft. On another note, I would encourage any of you who are considering a pool purchase from to buy from them...
  19. red stevens

    *** Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shafts ***

    Hybrid Edge new shipment Hey Neil, You posted that the new shipment is coming and I hope the Edge Hybrid I ordered is among them. I am here in Az now. I am eager to get it and start playing with it. Is it coming to you or is it being sent directly from Jacoby to the address I gave you...
  20. red stevens

    Got a 32" cue but and shaft.

    long cue case I have a Porper case which was made extra long. Will hold a 35 inch butt counting the pin. I think they are still out there but are not common. Search Porper extra long case and see what you find. They are very reasonably priced and decent quality but nothing like a custom...