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  1. daxe

    For Sale: 3/8-10 Carbide Sanding Mandrel

    Carbide Sanding Mandrel Very Good product I have a set and I love them Axe Custom Cues & repair:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  2. daxe

    Looking to buy lathe

    Porper B lathe I have a porper B lathe I will sell for $4000
  3. daxe

    HR Burl Girl

    PM me some prices also please & thank you nice looking wood
  4. daxe

    Porper B lathe value .....?

    Porper B lathe I have one I will sell for That.
  5. daxe

    WANTED - waterslide decals

    decals I forth it Todd is the Man
  6. daxe

    Vintage double black phenolic rings

  7. daxe

    ivory ban lifted?

    Ivory Hundreds of tons of natural death Ivory do indeed fall to the ground every year. Also Elephant herds have to be culled to keep them from over populating just like deer and elk here. Elephants have already turned much of Africa into desert just like over grazing cattle did to the SW USA...
  8. daxe

    Fiber trim rings

    I have never had it happen in 30 plus years I always seal coat all my cues before finish . AXE CUSTOM CUES & REPAIR
  9. daxe

    more stuff

    stuff I,ll take them
  10. daxe

    Apus 3 tips

    Tips Im in if still for sale Thanks.
  11. daxe

    When a cue is described as "dead straight"

    Looking Good
  12. daxe

    Older action cue

    r > Older action cue I can help
  13. daxe

    Finishing a Sneaky Blank

    I can help
  14. daxe

    Shaft diameter variance

    Send it to me and I will make it like new and send it back to you ready to go.
  15. daxe

    I have this beat up Meucci, and I wonder if it is worth getting refinished.

    Refinishing old Meucci Can,t tell with out better Pics but will be around $100.00 Check Out my facebook page
  16. daxe

    Cue making equipment and supplies

    I am interested in a list of things for sale . @
  17. daxe

    Cue Makers in Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati?

    cue maker I am in Linton In Look me up on facebook Dan Axe
  18. daxe

    wtb - repair lathe

    repair lathe I sent you an Email with pics
  19. daxe

    Routing question

    Originally Posted by Thomas Wayne View Post The very fastest way to get a perfect finish on shafts is to open a box of them you ordered form Samsara, or one of the other expert shaft producers. You're asking the wrong question when you ask how you can get faster results. Now, if you ask the...
  20. daxe

    Cue Wood Flaw

    Should not be a problem