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    Durbin Jump Break Cue and GTF 1x2 case for sale

    Case is gone Jump Break Still available
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    Durbin Jump Break Cue and GTF 1x2 case for sale

    FOR SALE: Mike Durbin JB Cue 19oz 3/8-11 Joint Like New Condition $400 Shipped G.T.F. 1x2 Rare White Gator leather Print (new) used for storage $250 Shipped SOLD Cash is King but may consider full or partial trades... PM me with any questions etc
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    Sold Mike Durbin Titleist Conversion

    Mike Durbin Conversion (all white non Ivory) 3 shafts 2 Durbin LD shafts 12.75 one unplayed one light use one Midwest carbon CF shaft 12.8 all shafts have ZAN premium softs on them cue is 19 oz like new condition SOLD shipped obo message with questions Thanks
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    WTB JB Rugged 1x2

    Looking for a JB Rugged 1x2 preferably with strap and pockets. Message me if you have one. Thanks
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    WTB: Predator 314-2 3/8-10 shaft

    Looking for a 314-2 wood shaft with a 3/8-10 flat face joint and plain black ring. Prefer to be new but will look at others. Message me if you have one. Thanks
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    Wanted: Boar Hide or Pig Skin Wrap by Tiger (Gina/McWorter Cues)

    Check with Rick Philippi he usually has this style boars hyde
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    The Art of One Pocket

    Thank You! He will give you a full review and he is also planning to use the book for his 8th grade book review project where students can read and review any book of their liking vs standard assigned reading. Thanks again!
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    Looking for PLAIN Meucci SP

    I am looking for a plain Meucci Sneaky Pete, no markings, rings, butt cap, etc. If it has a red dot shaft that's fine as most came with them. Please message me if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    Sold Loaded Durbin FS

    I will let pics speak for themselves. $3000 obo 3 Shafts one unplayed, 1 Diveny Keelwood shaft PM with questions/offers. Not looking at trades currently.
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    4 point Phillipi player

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    David Kirsenbrock

    Be sure and stay close to the phone I am sure Dave will be calling any second now just dying for and needing your business!:D
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    WTB 3/8-10 Kielwood shaft

    Looking for 3/8-10 kielwood shaft around 12.75mm I would prefer a Diveny but i will loo at all offers. Feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance!
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    Corey vs Justin

    They stopped at about 1am with Corey up 20-12
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    How do new Meucci cues play?

    And the Harley-Davidson one as well!
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    Professional Players who use Southwest Cues?

    Tommy Kennedy played with one for years...not sure if he still does though
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    How do new Meucci cues play?

    This is just my opinion but I would venture to say that Bob Meucci has made more money$ than any other cuemaker in history, (production or custom). You got to love the USA as where else can you make a horribly inferior product but still have major success!
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    Who remember this Gold Grown Accessory

    I would LOVE to have a set of those chairs so if anyone knows any for sale please let me know...Thanks in advance!
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    Harbor Freight...Granted it's not 3M by a long shot but its acceptable for certain things
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    Giving Back To The Game

    I agree Todd is a great guy and gives back as much as possible...I love Airway but unfortunately I rarely go in there as they have just let the equipment go to hell and never put a penny back into keeping the place nice.
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    Poll on Jump Cues, Vote Yes or NO

    Great Idea! Ive not thought of that but I love the Idea!