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  1. Tom In Cincy

    High quality pictures of pool players Great site with lots of pictures
  2. Tom In Cincy

    Draggin a$$ across the carpet!

    I never saw this practice of wiping chalk off of a pool cue tip until I moved to California. (circa 2003) Still see it done almost daily. The consequence of this is finally putting the cue tip into a fresh little puddle of beer, soda or coffee and immediately putting the shaft into the case...
  3. Tom In Cincy

    One Pocket is so slow....

    One Pocket is so slow....cloth can be changed without interrupting play.
  4. Tom In Cincy

    Color of money question

    Great response JMD, :thumbup:
  5. Tom In Cincy

    roll call...only those that have been here 10+ years.

    14 years March 2003, #95 before that, AZ old format, CCB member since 1998 RSB member since 1996 12 years in May for the One site
  6. Tom In Cincy

    About time

    Great job Jay, you've worked hard for a long time... it is time to enjoy. I retired in 2011 and am enjoying the time I have left.... I'll be 70 next year and still have plans for well into my 80s+ The only thing I miss is the times when the players succeeded reaching their goals. Joy is a...
  7. Tom In Cincy

    Looking for a formula for 1st round matches (Winners & Loser) when there are byes

    bye chart Byes are assigned to the charts evenly from top to bottom. For example; 16 player bracket. only 14 players, one bye gets spot 16 and the other gets 8. if someone shows up in time, they are assigned the...
  8. Tom In Cincy

    One Pocket Rule clarification?

    BTW, I've never seen an umpire call "tie, runner is safe". This must be a pee wee rule:smile:
  9. Tom In Cincy

    Show us your pool hall

    Hard Times Billiards Sacramento, CA Some of the shots of the crowd from our tournaments
  10. Tom In Cincy

    Congratulations to AZB's own TheOne!

    Craig and friend John Wimms at the Hard Times Jamboree in Sacramento 2005. Both did well and finished in the money against an always tough crowd.
  11. Tom In Cincy

    How I Met Eric, a lesson learned

    You are correct Eric, as usual. it was Sept 2002. I still have all the pics in my archives. Was that really 12+ years ago?
  12. Tom In Cincy

    How I Met Eric, a lesson learned

    It was the forum provided by Billiards Digest called Cue Chalk Board (CCB) in the mid 90s that I got to meet a lot of wonderful forum members, Eric is (IMO) considered one of the better forum members. Great sense of humor and is passionate about what he does. I enjoyed our meetings along with...
  13. Tom In Cincy

    How I Met Eric, a lesson learned

    CCB (Sept 2002) Eric in the flesh... having a great time.
  14. Tom In Cincy

    Pool Book Reccomendations

    From a post by Bob Jewett, Good reads all; Byrne, "Great Pool Stories" Walter Tevis, "The Hustler" and "Color of Money" Dyer, "Hustler Days" Dyer, "The Hustler and the Champ" Byrne, "McGoorty" Tom Fox and Fats, "The Bank Shot and Other Great Robberies" McCumber, "Playing Off the Rail" Grady...
  15. Tom In Cincy

    Vets sound off on Veterans Day

    Thanks for your Service to our country US Navy 1965-68 VP Squadron Vietnam
  16. Tom In Cincy

    Pool Poll for World Cup

    Done .....
  17. Tom In Cincy

    BCA league night - foul or no foul?

    Fouttee shot Good example by Mr. Jewett Angled shot with inside draw.
  18. Tom In Cincy

    Hardtimes pool room

    HTB in Bellflower CA. Near Los Angeles This is not the Hard Times Billiards in SACRAMENTO, CA. The Air Conditioning is working fine HERE and so are the ceiling fans. Just clearing up the location... HTB in Sacramento is AIR CONDITIONED. This week the Tiger West Coast Women stop #3 and...
  19. Tom In Cincy

    Key Words

    T a p Mine is 3 words Trust (trust what I am doing) Accept (accept the results no matter what) Pre-shot routine (always go through my pre-shot routine
  20. Tom In Cincy

    Nine in the corner, carom off the three

    World Standardized Rules 8.3 Ball Pocketed A ball is pocketed if it comes to rest in a pocket below the playing surface or enters the ball return system. A ball near the brink of a pocket partly supported by another ball is considered pocketed if...