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  1. Bavafongoul

    Points / Veneers: Customer being to picky?

    Jerry Rauenzahn told me a long time ago that uneven points are a sign the cue maker didn’t just rely on CNC cuts. It was not uncommon for George Balabushka’s pool cue points not to be perfectly symmetrical. This indicated the cue maker was performing hands on completion of the cue design instead...
  2. Bavafongoul

    Is eBay selling an Adam cue, a forgery, or a no-name cue? Is seller clueless?

    Well, based upon my experience on this Forum, what Bob doesn’t already know about pool and pool cues in all likelihood isn’t worth the time to bother learning. Mr. Jewett’s knowledge and expertise is outstanding.
  3. Bavafongoul

    Question for Scruggs experts

    It’s not the points that concern me as much as the TS logo. It resembles what Tim used during his career. The loops on the S look too big & the criss cross of the T & S seems off. Let’s see how others view this cue.
  4. Bavafongoul

    Pocket Sizes Pros 4.25

    For the past 7 years, all I have regularly played is 9 ft. tables with Simonis Blue and 4.25” CP. If I played 4” CP, I’d struggle but I’d play better than others that don’t enjoy 4 1/4” like myself. When that’s what you consistently play pool with, pocket size basically become irrelevant. Any...
  5. Bavafongoul

    DigiBall updates

    A word of caution……Don’t get like MLB has become with a avalanche of metrics about pitching and hitting. At some point, one has to remember it is a game of judgement and the player’s mind can’t keep up with the prolific amount of information that can be gathered and analyzed to suit that...
  6. Bavafongoul

    Why, other than vanity?

    A lot of time & very tedious labor was involved making my cues. Bob Owen provided me with lots of progress photos. If the cue maker genuinely cares about his craft, & his clients, when he builds you a cue, it will be the ectasy outcome, The photos are my last two customs expeditiously completed...
  7. Bavafongoul

    Jon Spitz Pool Cue

    Your description is pretty scant of any meaningful information about this cue. Interested buyers always can call but incldg specs brings more serious offers. For example, I might even be interested but you need to add the cue’s specs. Right now, it’s a Spitz cue with photos but no info about...
  8. Bavafongoul

    TS Cue - Price Check, Aisle 5 !!!

    I bought a knife at a gun show in SF for under $150 in 1979. It was nothing spectacular but it just felt amazing. The balance and feel of the handle is so comfortable in your hand it feels like it was meant to be held and used. Four years ago I sent my knife to a prominent blade dealer that was...
  9. Bavafongoul

    Why, other than vanity?

    Having a cue built can be agony or ecstasy. The cue maker will determine that, not you. Once you place your order, you are captive so make sure you entrust your happiness & satisfaction to someone that’s earned laudable praise from their customers & you’ve seen their workmanship so you are...
  10. Bavafongoul

    TS Cue - Price Check, Aisle 5 !!!

    Mike, I think you are a too high on the price range estimate. This cue is a very simple a design. Even though it was made by Tim, it just doesn’t command that high a price at the top end and the bottom price rung should be more like $1800 and top end closer to $2200. It just doesn’t have the...
  11. Bavafongoul

    Favorite Poster?

    Favorite poster…well, how about a real one that can’t type or reply back…this is my all time favorite poster. There are only 10 signed posters in existence. This one is #3 authenticated by the photographer, Lou Cipollini.
  12. Bavafongoul

    Cube Shape vs. Oval Shape (TAOM Chalk)

    I bought 4 cubes for $20 each and $7.00 shipping for an $87 tab and wasn’t assessed sales tax. I located it by using a Google search for Pagulayan Chalk and his banner automatically populated to buy this chalk. They contacted me asking for the pool halls I played at and contact information. It...
  13. Bavafongoul

    Custom Cue sales?

    The cues in my case have significance because of how they actually came into existence and for two of my cues, I was in the right place at the right time. That’s how I got my Scruggs. My cues’ makers aren’t going to build any of these same designs again so my cues assume a uniqueness. 1 of 1...
  14. Bavafongoul

    Cube Shape vs. Oval Shape (TAOM Chalk)

    IMO, there’s one clear winner when it comes to pool chalk for cleanliness which is the most important characteristic, at least for me. Absent that, all chalks do the same thing which is to create friction. That’s why the golden rule used to be “chalk after every shot”. Regardless of the brand...
  15. Bavafongoul

    Looking Up Old Schon Cues

    In case anyone is interested, this is very likely might be the 1st customer designed Schon cue Bob Runde built. I can certainty say it’s undoubtedly the only pool cue design he ever had to do over and make another pool cue. It really didn’t sit well with him and I completely understand why but...
  16. Bavafongoul

    What's your escape?

    About 2/3rds to 3/4 between the first 2 Diamonds on the long rail using 2/3 - 3/4 tip of 3 o’clock English is one way but the amount of English really needs to be looked at from the player’s view. Personally, I’d rather rely on the one rail kick Diamond System. The photo angle makes it...
  17. Bavafongoul

    Pete Tonkin is a Fraud

    Any cue maker, and I really do mean “anyone”, that abuses a customer’s patience, kindness and understanding deserves to be condemned by everyone and severely publicly lambasted for theit abysmal, abhorrent behavior. I don’t know any of the tales of awful behavior are true but when there are...
  18. Bavafongoul

    Scruggs Sneaky Price conspiracy!

    A few years after you in ‘84, a custom design Bob R. and I collaborated on cost me $800+. In just a couple of years from when you got your cue, Schon Cues commanded top prices.
  19. Bavafongoul

    Scruggs Sneaky Price conspiracy!

    I forgot to mention that I have one of the original Jackpot cues that Deanoc gave me as his departing gift from Az. Here’s some photos of my Jackpot pool cue that I took today just in case anyone was curious what these cues are.
  20. Bavafongoul

    old timers using heavy cues

    2 schools of though about breaking ….lighter and faster or heavier and more power……neither applies to a normal pool stroke. Your stroke is what you choose it to be before you even start stroking. The cue is just an instrument. Pick & choose what works best for you but remember every player is...