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  1. hotcues

    New 1/2 GTF Cases - - Updated

    I’ll take no5. Pm me for payment. Thanks for your Time
  2. hotcues


    Love IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hotcues

    Haley hot off the presses!

    My new favorite Haley! Unreal!!!
  4. hotcues

    Derby City One Pocket

    On a Diamond table if you turn the rack a bit the corner ball goes. So always check the rack!!! There is a little trick to hitting it right.
  5. hotcues

    Bill Schick 1999 Chicago-style

    Bad a$$! Love that cue!
  6. hotcues

    Wimpy's Balabushka For Sale

    Wow! If cue could talk. The stories it would tell.
  7. hotcues

    Crazy package deal! best ever here. Sazm and Tasc $7500

    Sold pending the money.
  8. hotcues

    Crazy package deal! best ever here. Sazm and Tasc $7500

    Crazy! pm me won't last long!
  9. hotcues

    Diamond Blue Label 7' Pro-Am

    One or three piece?
  10. hotcues

    WTB Richard Harris Sneaky

    Bluegrass I have one that I would sale. $600 shipped. Full shaft. One bump on the butt. New wizard tip and shaft cleaned. Pm me for Picts or more info.
  11. hotcues

    Gus Candy

    WOW!!! unreal cue!
  12. hotcues

    RIP - John Robinson

    Rip I loved the way his cues played . May He R.I.P.
  13. hotcues

    2015 dcc

    Be there all 10 days
  14. hotcues


    This is the funniest thing the goes on AZ. Please Jamie. And thank you for all the hard work doing this!
  15. hotcues

    6 pointer Honduran Rosewood Burl/Ebony

    Very nice cue, Tony.
  16. hotcues

    Jeff Olney, What a stand up guy. NOT!!!!!!!!!!

    I've never bought a cue from Jeff. But think it was very wrong to sale the cue that someone order to someone else!!! I made a cue for someone (he ordered) and waited A yr for him to pick it up because he got laid off work. And I had buyers for the cue!!! Red rep!!!! For Jeff
  17. hotcues

    <<Monster Lambros>>

    would love to hit that cue. Great One!
  18. hotcues

    Ryan Rat Sneaky with a Z shaft

    Bump from the back!
  19. hotcues

    Sugartree hickory burl 8 point

    bump from the back!