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    2020 Keith Josey

    Lowered to $2900 shipping in US included
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    2020 Keith Josey

    Cue Category: Floating 8 point Base wood: Ebony Point material: 8 Flame Cocobolo points Ringwork: black with double silver Joint: black Phenolic Buttcap...
  3. 2020 Keith Josey

    2020 Keith Josey

  4. Butt


  5. Josey 2

    Josey 2

  6. Josey 3

    Josey 3

  7. Josey 4

    Josey 4

  8. Josey 5

    Josey 5

  9. Josey 6

    Josey 6

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  11. robsnotes4u

    Experiments in looking at the cueball while delivering the stroke.

    Interesting, Darren Appleton has a different opinion. Look at his youtube channel, he has a video on it
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    Shane Vanboening vs Jayson Shaw

    There is an update 6 minutes before your post
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    Most Often Reasons We Miss?

    Conscious mind fighting the subconscious mind
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    2019 Wyoming Open - Sky - SVB - Deuel - Archer - Morris - Thorpe - Styer

    Bar box tournament Yes, they play a lot of them around the Midwest. You have to go where the money is, where amateurs will feed the tournament. Grow the Game!
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    The unestablished fargo player

    We bragged about our ratings We bragged about our ratings! Most of us used it to see if we were improving. we matched up after league and used it for gambling. One of the biggest things was it made the weekly 8 ball tournament fun. Imagine playing people in a tournament and you had to win 8...
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    The unestablished fargo player

    Uncommon I played on a few teams using FargoRate in Fargo, and we have people of various levels on each team I played on. Our high on one team, which we won the league was in the 720s and our low was in the 370s. It was competitive as the teams were close in total ranking. If you look at...
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    Cutec Cynergy 15K

    I purchased a revo 12.4 for my Josey two weeks ago, and love it. Played with Shane’s Cuetec in Vegas. Great hitting as well. I don’t think one is better than the other. My two cents is the revo is stiffer. I did have a few drinks in me before Shane gave me the reins.
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    A chink in the armor of Fargorate

    You are correct, Mike has shown this many times.
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    China 8-Ball (LIVE)

    Tv1 according to the line up their Facebook page
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    US Pool--Who is where this weekend

    Watched Terry play a few matches there, vey strong. A sat at the table with him and Gabe during their match. Gabe shocked me with some of his misses. Terry, being his road partner, said nothing but good things about Gabe making a comeback. To add to his playing ability, he was an easy guy...