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  1. crawfish

    ~>~>~>~>~~> F/S Steve Klein Cue <~~<~<~<~<~

    Best set I've ever played was with that cue. Played "a guy" seven ahead for $2k. Guy didn't even kick. Valley barbox. Man, talk about a high. First day on a one week trip to Florida.
  2. crawfish

    ~>~>~>~>~~> F/S Steve Klein Cue <~~<~<~<~<~

    This is my old cue! Late 90s? ****, I made some cash with this cue! What a player!
  3. crawfish

    *-*-* Ebony Nosed Full Splice Cue G10 Pin Coco/Ebony *-*-*

    Great guy to buy from. Bet this plays super. (Notice I didn't say "lights out" due to the fact it's overused and I'll vomit if I use that cliche')
  4. crawfish

    Hey Gang..original "Gus Szamboti" on Ebay $1k BIN

    I sent him a "man, it would be very dishonest to represent this as a Gus, although those who would buy a Gus will immediately know the difference. But, I'm pretty sure it's a helmstetter. If I may have it authenticated real, I'll pay 3 grand and pick it up. And pay you a 500 finders fee."...
  5. crawfish

    WTB Butt

    In the state of North Carolina, asking to buy ass publicly is a misdemeanor. Go on craigslist. "Escorts". And, I find it weird you'd ask on here with a bunch of dudes.
  6. crawfish

    Tulipwood and Ebony Omen FS

    Well, gonna get this pic thing worked out and will offer cue at 500
  7. crawfish

    Tulipwood and Ebony Omen FS

    Really nice looking player. 59 inches, 2 shafts (12.75 barely played, 11.7 my main baby). Ostrich embossed wrap. Helluva playing cue. No scale to individually weigh, but I know it's around 19.5 oz. finish is good. Couple of very small dings, you'd have to look to find. Even Johnny said this...
  8. crawfish

    FS Cues and Cases NO TRADES

    Like that last Sly! Good luck
  9. crawfish

    WTB Old, custom, or vintage Helmstetter

    They're out there. Looking for a rare Helmstetter. Looking... Bueller....Bueller....
  10. crawfish

    Black Boar shaft $350

    Would this fit an It's George?
  11. crawfish

    Stakehorse scam

    And was the TS real. Easy to stamp a phone book with a phony TS
  12. crawfish

    Trade my cue(s) for a cool watch??

    I have Omega, LeCoultre, Audemars, High end Tissot w Lemania movement, Ulysse Nardin, Pallas Para w Lemania movement. What have ya got in mind?
  13. crawfish

    *-*-* Omen 60" Matching Set Loaded *-*-*

    Thanks. Can't wait to get it.
  14. crawfish

    FS: It's George Black Suede Case

    Pm sent. Thanks for the offering
  15. crawfish

    Mike stacey ebony & burl

    Man, that's gorgeous
  16. crawfish

    WTB Old, custom, or vintage Helmstetter

    Come on guys! Customs?
  17. crawfish

    Old Richard Helmstetter cue Model 87-11 for sales

    Come on guys! Gotta be more out there!?!?!!!
  18. crawfish

    favorite player

    James walden. For you youngsters, he stayed undercover for a reason.
  19. crawfish

    This Is Really Messed UP...

    What are you trying to say? Little off?
  20. crawfish

    WTB Old, custom, or vintage Helmstetter

    Guys, I'm interested in your pre-1990 Helmstetters. Nicer, the better. Not saying I'm ready for raping; but, I will pay for the right cue. Thanks guys. Keith. And, I probably don't check PMs like I should. Please feel free to text pics and description to me at 919-805-9964. Thanks again