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  1. Black-Balled

    Warning to AZB- About Now

  2. Black-Balled

    Individual Sports The Greats Make The Game

    Logically, that is not possible.
  3. Black-Balled

    Post Something!!

    It is crazy, isn't it. I think current potency is a huge contributor to today's craptastic young adults.
  4. Black-Balled

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  5. Black-Balled

    Warning to AZB- About Now

    Going for quantity, to hell with quality!
  6. Black-Balled

    Warning to AZB- About Now

    That we all agree... rather be playing billiards...
  7. Black-Balled

    Best jump cue you've ever tested?

    Ive never had a dedicated jumper but if they jump better than a a hanger!
  8. Black-Balled

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  9. Black-Balled

    Best jump cue you've ever tested? is like cheating and in some places, it IS cheating.
  10. Black-Balled

    Warning to AZB- About Now

    I'm not thinking about billiards, you are!!!
  11. Black-Balled

    Favorite Poster?

    Sure there is...LSD or bullets!
  12. Black-Balled

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Cool! Good stuff... usually.
  13. Black-Balled

    Which carbon fiber shaft is the least glossy?

    I'd like to see the response to that...shall I read on?!
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

  15. Black-Balled

    Why, other than vanity?

    Simplest explanations are usually the best ones.
  16. Black-Balled

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Oh, how I wish I could find the picture of the tall bush next to the garage that I cut without a ladder. Looked just like a dick... It was too big!
  17. Black-Balled

    "Antique" Diamond Ball Polisher

    Share away, thank you.
  18. Black-Balled

    Favorite Poster?

    I remember Mr bond often. Always a Wellington. Rip.
  19. Black-Balled

    Favorite Poster?

  20. Black-Balled

    Phillippi cue?

    Phillippi cues are the mid atlantics best cue secret. Overshadowed by black boar and Scruggs and joss.. the cues never got.tbe recognition the others did. But they are fabulous playing cues.