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    azb slower than snails in molasses

    It's very slow here too
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    WTB McDaniel Cue

    Here's another picture
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    WTB McDaniel Cue

    I got one 19 oz with leather wrap two predator shafts one OB AND ONE OF BILLS SHAFTS
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    McDaniels cue for sell

    Asking $2000 Will post specs later
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    ---->>>>Parrot Cue<<<<----

    I'm very good friends with Charlie that's why I asked Beautiful cue by the way
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    ---->>>>Parrot Cue<<<<----

    Do you know who made it
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    That's a beautiful cue
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    !! Birdseye McDaniel Player !!!!

    I have one of Bills cues and it plays great
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    G2 Tip Reviews

    Great tip holds its shape and chalk love it
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    New " pool hall " below the old Big Daddy's

    I'm doing good still trying to play straight pool
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    New " pool hall " below the old Big Daddy's

    Yes, someone told me the plan is to put 9 foots upstairs cut a hole in the floor so you can see down to the bar
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    New " pool hall " below the old Big Daddy's

    The rumor I heard is there going to put nine footers upstairs
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    14.1 League

    We have A straight pool league here in Baltimore at top hat. I'm interested in how yours is ran Is it handicapped do you win money
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    Predator 8k-1

    I know a guy that's got one and I think it plays GREAT don't know why you would be selling it and so cheap
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    McDaniel shop

    What size pin? 5/16 14 with a thin silver ring
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    Brand new old stock JB cases

    Thank you for the correction. I don't have a leg to stand on because of what you found online. But I bought these cases from JB at the super billiards expo I think it was two years ago. With that said I would love for JB to comment
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    Brand new old stock JB cases

    For sale 2- 2x5 JB Rugged cases with two pockets one small and one large with jump cue pocket never be used