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  1. Alf Taylor

    Alf Taylor book.....??

    Hello my azbilliards friends. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Damn virus
  2. Alf Taylor

    Alf Taylor book.....??

    Hello. Thanks for your interest. You can reach me best at I look forward to hearing from you. Be safe. Alf Taylor
  3. Alf Taylor

    Hawaiian brian

    Aloha mr. Hashimoto I will miss my dear friend, Brian. When he first came to the mainland around 1970 he stopped in Tucson and I was his first match. We played 20. nine ball for a couple of hours and broke even. It didn't take long for me to realize how lucky I was to get off that easy. He...
  4. Alf Taylor

    Very sad news

    Eddie, Your Taxi's here Hi Jay. Thanks for the very sad news about Ed Kelly. You were spot on about what a player he was. I knew Eddie since the 60s when he came to Dallas, after wining the Vegas tournament. What a sweet man. Funny story: Eddie said, "Come on Alfie. I'll give you the seven for...
  5. Alf Taylor

    Rip to San Jose Dick

    How very sad For what it's worth, to those of you who didn't know Dick, he, not oly was a first class player, he was an even better human being. I met him first in the 60s, at the Cotton Palace in Dallas. Man, could he play one pocket. The way he moved around the balls with his three inch...
  6. Alf Taylor

    Eddie Taylor's Hall of Fame cue.

    I used to be a pretty good player but, alas, time marches on. In short, I can't make a ball in the ocean. I sold my autographed table and gave my own Joss cue to my brother. Lastly, and certainly not least is the cue passed on to me by Eddie Taylor. It is his 1995 Hal of fame cue, made by Danny...
  7. Alf Taylor

    Fast Eddie's Stick From The Hustler

    CORRECTION AND ENLIGHTENMENT Remember me, guys. I used to be Alfie Taylor. I have a newspaper article from Cincinnati that tells the story about when Walter Tevis worked at Tony Kavanaugh's pool room while going to school in Lexington. Tony said he told Walter countless stories about his close...
  8. Alf Taylor

    What happened to Tony Anagoni ??

    Mr Ozone. I'm sorry you have been disappointed in the pool books you have read. Email me your address at and I'll send you a book that isn't like anything that you said...or read. Best regards. Alf
  9. Alf Taylor

    Happy birthday, Bill Porter

    Shame on me... I couldn't want a better friend than Bill Porter (Fifty years into our friendship, we wrote a book together) and I didn't have a clue about his birthday. To emphasize my point, he did remember mine....Plus, he stopped by a few months back, with his lovely wife and dusted me...
  10. Alf Taylor

    San Jose Dick McMorran. An interesting man

    Hey Jay I did, indeed, play a lot in Ye Billiard Den but don't remember running into you. Just my good luck, I suppose. Much rather to have met you as a fellow writer and member of the over the hill gang. Hope to run into you again, somewhere. Keep if fun and keep writing. Alfie
  11. Alf Taylor

    San Jose Dick McMorran. An interesting man

    My mistake Dennis I thought my hand was on Dick's thigh.
  12. Alf Taylor

    San Jose Dick McMorran. An interesting man

    God bless our friend, Cole Dixon Funny story about the Colster and me. When he first came to Houston (70s I guess) he shot the lights out playing nine-ball but his one pocket skills left a little to be desired. He only had five hundred dollars, which he put up to play me five games ahead...
  13. Alf Taylor

    San Jose Dick McMorran. An interesting man

    WOW! I'm stunned...and complimented...and thankful Hey my AZB compatriots. You really know how to make a guy feel welcome back. So many nice replys. This site is definitely food for my memory bank. And man, does it need it. This next paragraph is so off-subject. Probably worth skipping. I've...
  14. Alf Taylor

    San Jose Dick McMorran. An interesting man

    Yesterday I drove from Tucson to Phoenix to have lunch with my dear friend, Dick. I first met Dick in the early to mid 60s, when he came to the Cotton Palace, in Dallas. to beat the consortium that nested there. Not many road players showed up there and left with the money. Back then nobody...
  15. Alf Taylor

    The Eddie Taylor Hall of Fame Cue

    My mistake. Eddie was inducted in the HOF in 93 and Danny made his cue in honor of his induction, in 94. Funny how 20 odd years can mess with your memory. Keep it nice. Alfie
  16. Alf Taylor

    The Eddie Taylor Hall of Fame Cue

    I traveled for years with Eddie and was with him when he drew his last breath. In all that time, I saw him get beat only once. As good a pool player as Eddie Taylor was, he was an even better man. Now, as I get older, I think it is time to let go of this wonderful piece of pool history. Call me...
  17. Alf Taylor

    Mr. CJ Wiley, is live and living color on AZBilliards, the worlds pool Web site!

    Hello Jackson. Well stated and intelligent answer to the knockers. I miss my smooth stroking, Potter friend. Let's not make it another 40 years to get together...Haha! Like we have a choice. Bicycle Willie Taylor
  18. Alf Taylor

    Harder tha spotting SVB the break

    My apologies It seems I have bothered some of my fellow azbilliards friends with my off beat post about my current endeavors. You're absolutely right. Rug talk doesn't belong on this site. I think I was just a little bored and wanted to talk to my internet friends in the only venue I use. I...
  19. Alf Taylor

    Harder tha spotting SVB the break

    Sure, but does TJ Max have any for twenty thousand and up? I thought not
  20. Alf Taylor

    Harder tha spotting SVB the break

    Hello fellow pool aficionados. In case any of you are interested in what got me out of hustling pool decades ago, check out my website Selling rugs to pool players is about as possible as my headline says, but everyone likes seeing the best of anything...