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    Moscow Cup payoffs

    Just a question, If this is a practice event for team USA why isnt Sky with the rest of his team mates??? Hell Oscar is there and he just had a baby, I like all the guys on the team and i think we are going to do well this year. Just dont think this is the way to start the TEAM mentality.
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    Welcome back Earl:

    USA Theme Song The US team should play rack rack city ***** when they enter the arena
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    TAR 36 Who Will Win Giveaway

    js 27-14 js 27-18
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    Could you be a pro player?

    im already there i dont need 2 years
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    Let's Talk About Shane's Gambling Problem . . .

    put a cue in keiths hands and bring him back to turning stone in september. everyone misses both of you
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    Accu-Stats "Make it Happen" Series continues.. Who would you want?

    archer, siegel, strickland, hatch, duel, zuglan
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    Love the Scotch.

    I would love to see the pros pick an amateur partner to play with. Although its great to see the pro's playing together i think adding the amateur to the event would make it a little more realistic to most of the viewers watching the events. Maybe do some kind of raffle to choose the amateur...
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    manipulating the system = sandbagging

    stop playing in handi capped leagues and tournaments. any time you give someone a chance to manipulate a hadicap they will. Im going to date myself a little bit but when i started playing pool there were no handicap tournaments at least where i lived. you played everyone even and after you got...
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    Mosconi Cup Team USA Named!

    Hatch would be a better selection than Putnam or Dechaine. He was the heart and soul in Vegas the last time.
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    Mosconi Cup- Live Stream Locations

    where to watch Mosconi Cup live I did come across a site that says it is available and is only blocked in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is $5.99 to purchase each day, hopefully it works and we can see the matches live. the site is
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    Turning Stone

    turning stone ill be there, just off three straight local wins including the dominiac 10 ball tour. looking to have a good showing at the stone this time. it is my christmas present to myself this year.
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    Thank you everyone

    Dennis congratulations Dennis im sure you are going to play awsome for team USA. Not that the everyone doesnt already recognize you as one of the best in the world. But now anyone who has been hiding under a rock for the past 20 years is going to see just how great you are. I remember the...