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    Matlock vs Keith

    No offense but Calvin did not win the tourney( 1987 Gumphrey memorial). Wade Crane beat Earl Strickland in the Finals twice that year. I promise I was there. I'm third from the right back row.
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    Death of a southern pool legend paul turner

    I never played Paul Turner. We played a ring game on bar table in Atlanta Ga. longer ago than I want to remember. The only game I had in Jackson at Gumphrey tournament was with Louie Roberts. The ring game in Atlanta was brutal though. Paul Turner,Jerry Bento Me, George Breedlove and Richie...
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    Unknown "monster" players

    Just for the record. I never played Gulhassey in my life. Never played a game of pool, in Kerrvillie Tx. I saw him one time in Victoria Tx with Big Brad Motko in early 80's but never played. I think Brad was from Ohio I think. But we never played.