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  1. BuddyWing

    BCA Hall of Fame…no Mike Howerton?

    Scott "The shot " Smith
  2. BuddyWing

    Chip Tournament

    How do you set up the Brackets ?
  3. BuddyWing

    Chip Tournament

    Where can I find the rules for a chip Tour ? How high and how low do the chips go ?
  4. BuddyWing

    Matchroom 2024 UK Open Nineball (7-12 May2024), Prize Fund $200K

    I think there is NO FREE stream Sat or Sun .... I hope I am WRONG ....
  5. BuddyWing

    WNT Nineball Ranking Event : Scottish Open (1-5 May)

    Thanks for the Stream ......
  6. BuddyWing

    Pout instead of Pool

    Did you ever get remarried ?????;););)
  7. BuddyWing

    Ultimate Pool Louisiana Open

    I would not like this foremat for a World Champanship
  8. BuddyWing

    Ultimate Pool Louisiana Open

    I enjoyed watching that alot more than the predator show .....
  9. BuddyWing

    U.S. Open Events Won by Shane Van Boening

    I hope sjm sees this ...
  10. BuddyWing

    U.S. Open Events Won by Shane Van Boening

    It seems as if sjm does not care much for SVB . I have never seen good words coming from him . Maybe I am wrong .
  11. BuddyWing

    Pool Rooms Villa Park, Lombard Illinois

    Hi Joe , Long time no see ..... Hope you are doing well ..
  12. BuddyWing

    Best and worst commentator??

    Up state Al is BAD>BAD>BAD
  13. BuddyWing

    about two shots

    Thank You Mr. Jewett..
  14. BuddyWing

    about two shots

    Where can I find plus 2 system ?
  15. BuddyWing

    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    What was the mask that Shaw was wearing ? I mssed that .
  16. BuddyWing

    Mosconi cup times

    Not now ...I could not get it to work for me . My daughter could not and my Granddaughter could not get them to accept the gift card ....
  17. BuddyWing

    Mosconi cup times

    I just got a one month Sub for $19.99 thru Amazon ....We will see !!!!
  18. BuddyWing

    Another big $1,000 entry 600 and under tournament...

    What time does it start tomorrow and what is the link ?