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  1. peteypooldude

    Bashing other aiming systems

    Hello Mr Wilson Long time no see.. Hope all is good
  2. peteypooldude

    Aiming System Or Not?

    Whatever anyone wants to do is fine with me.... ive never understood what drives people to worry about how Someone else does anything lol.
  3. peteypooldude

    great Carbon Tubes!!

    What taper are on the shafts? Do you have any still available?
  4. peteypooldude

    ISO Large Bore Headstock for Mid American

    Anyone have one they no longer use?
  5. peteypooldude

    Items for sale

    Do you have any driver sets left?
  6. peteypooldude

    3D Printed Cue Tip Lathe Design

    Let me know if it happens... I’d be interested
  7. peteypooldude

    Question about aiming

    I wish I had Vegas 2011 back. I missed an opportunity to get you to help me with stroke delivery. I have always regretted it. I agree about too full especially cutting a ball as the CB tends to drag the OB a tad. I love systems and I’ve learned every one I’ve ever came in contact with. Almost...
  8. peteypooldude

    Aiming With Shadows

    W wow dude, why be such an ass?
  9. peteypooldude

    Aiming With Shadows

    This was a good thread.
  10. peteypooldude

    running english

    That’s a better description of what I was referring to. I’ve never heard outside English referred to as running English . But I’ve also never asked.
  11. peteypooldude

    running english

    That’s why I said in my original post... that’s what I’ve always considered running English . Just an honest answer. I’m not much on reading everyone’s comment to form my answer lol. I never looked up the Instructors definition. That’s just what it is to me. Knowing the correct textbook...
  12. peteypooldude

    running english

    Simply inside English . Cutting right it would be right English . High ,middle or low depending on cut angle. Atleast that’s what I’ve always called running English
  13. peteypooldude

    RIP Mike Slaughter

    Almost 5 years... I just started playing again a couple months back. 2015 was a Very bad year for me and this was a tough loss
  14. peteypooldude

    5/16 x18 shaft

    I’ll send tomorrow Appreciate it
  15. peteypooldude

    5/16 x18 shaft

    Anyone have a deal on a playing shaft. Going on a Richard Black
  16. peteypooldude

    CF Shaft by Paul Allers

    Sold !!! Now what will it take to get it?
  17. peteypooldude

    what cues are saving up for ?

    A Richard Black... At 52 yrs of age... I finally got one about a month ago Now I just need an extra playing shaft.
  18. peteypooldude

    My experience with 7 carbon shafts so far

    Has anyone tried the China knock off? Seems odd it hasn’t been mentioned
  19. peteypooldude

    Joint opinions

    What’s the difference in feel and response when playing with joints made from .. SS G 10 Fill in the blank Fill in the blank
  20. peteypooldude

    David Tickle

    Appreciate the feedback