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    Why would you even say that? TF?
  2. SlickRick_PCS

    Top 20 DRAW SHOTS of All Time … Backspin Mastery

    I was about to say Mike Massey should be on that list... but let's not forget Jamison Neu, in his prime. He rivaled Massey in both Draw Stroke and Massé Stroke.
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    Richard, you are an awesome ambassador of Carom Billiards: Don't ever change.
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    Lomax or Hanshew Jumper

    Jump with a full cue Meucci playing cue with an Elk Masters tip (no press, just as is) on worsen cloth over a full ball that is 2 inches away from the cue ball.... Go ahead, I will be waiting for that video clip....
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    For sale, Predator Revo SD 11.8mm 3-C shaft with Uniloc joint

    Ron, what is your impression on the ULD Predator Revo Carom Shaft? I am really interested in investing in one. I just need some input for those that have used one.
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    Greenleaf: Pool's Greatest Champion

    So, I finished off reading this ebook of the legacy of Ralph Greenleaf written by Sam Korte. It was everything that I would have anticipated what Greenleaf was, but there were parts I never realized he did. The battle between Frank Taberski was something so many of us can relate to (can't spoil...
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    New Ralph Greenleaf Book

    I bought (yes, bought) this book for $1.07 cents (or somewhere on the ballpark. So, it wasn't for free, but DAMN... great book!!! I have always been fascinated by Ralph Greenleaf for quite some time. For some particular reason, I have a theory that Greenleaf was better than Mosconi in a way that...
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    Breakdancing Olympic sport 2024

    As a former bboy (let's not call it "breakdancing" because that is a colloquialism the mainstream media built up, like pool should be called "pocket billiards"), the concept of this art form being in the Olympics is pathetic, but inevitable... unfortunately. The whole reason why bboying became...
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    Aramith or not

    If you never want to see any ball burns on a pool table, just play 14.1 Continuous for the rest of your life...
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    Is this your new handle, now??

    Is this your new handle, now??
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    The same to you, Tanner! I noticed you are doing art, now. I saw your work on your website and...

    The same to you, Tanner! I noticed you are doing art, now. I saw your work on your website and it is impressive!
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    Did Jon Kucharo have the most powerful break ever?

    How did you or anyone else leave out Charlie Bryant and Larry Nevel? :(
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    BVM, thank you for this

    I wish there were so many who are hungry to learn Three-Cushion to introduce themselves to starting on Freegame, then to the balklines (47/2, 71/2, then 47/1), onwards to One-Cushion, and THEN dance with 3C. The small games are the core foundation of Carom Billiards.
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    tayfun 39 in 3

    Since when were you a fashionista, Cupcake??
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    United States Amateur Internet Billiard Consortium-No cost to join.

    My goodness, you're back... What happened to following only 3-cushion rather than the smaller games? Did life made changes for ya? :grin:
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    Why is 9 ball so popular?

    No way!!! Easier than 3 ball?!? Surely, you must be serious?!
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    Straight Pool Tutorial with Thorsten

    ... one of the best techniques in all of pocket billiards that every student of the sport should learn as well as one of the best 14.1 Continuous player in today's modern age and you're telling me the guy is a terrible teacher? Shows how much you know... Listen, rather than mommy telling you...
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    Straight Pool Tutorial with Thorsten

    You kinda sound a little aroused talking about a man's muscles there. Tell us more, Cowboy...
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    UCMB "Mexican" ball set by Diamond

    Those look lovely. Still, IMO, I would get a little confused with the green ball. I have always been used to the yellow ball. BUT, viva Mexico!
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    TV Color Pool Balls

    I know!! Capitalism is really REALLY bad... :rolleyes: