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    Cue lathe tailstock alignment

    After seeing your pix, the Edge alignment tool should still do the job for you. It’s designed to align tailstock to headstock. It’s by far the easiest way to accomplish this task I’ve tried. Again, good luck.
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    Cue lathe tailstock alignment

    There is an alignment tool called The Edge (about 50 dollars when I bought mine) that is a major timesaver. You’ll need 2 dead centers and a good dial indicator to make it work. I think there are videos on YouTube that will give you an idea how it works. You may want to contact Chris (Cueman)...
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    Carbon Fiber table cloth?

    Did I miss something? The rails (business end) still to be cloth covered!
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    CF Blanks with .855 joint diameter

    I have searched the internet for CF blanks with a joint diameter of .855 (McDermott) and cannot find anyone who sells these. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a customer (read friend) who cannot pay over $400 for a Defy shaft and I would like to help him out. Thanks guys.
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    QBLIS chalkless cue tip

    I tried one (different brand) a few years ago; pretty much worthless as I could get no backspin with it. I watched the video; Max got backspin but he’s a pro. I’d like to see a skilled pro play a tournament with one, then I would have the confidence to try another.
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    Minwax in cue shafts?

    Try this: Get some 2000 to 3000 grit sandpaper and lightly sand the shaft. Then get some shaft cleaner (Cueman has a good one) to clean the shaft. His sealer is quite good too. If all you have is Minwax, then wax and buff the shaft. BTW, Cueman makes a good shaft wax too.
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    Pressed Ultra Skin S

    Be careful you don’t delaminate a layer or two. Me, I’d just buy a harder tip to start with.
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    Seal a CF Shaft

    For those of you wondering what you can do to remove the “gunk” McDermott puts on the Defy shaft, try this. I used 3000 grit sandpaper to lightly remove whatever crap the shaft was coated with. Just a light sanding; no need to be aggressive. It’s now as smooth as my custom made shaft. You may...
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    Are Fargo Ratings inflating?

    I’ll bet the older folks declining would be a novel idea that the APA’s hcp system should take into consideration.
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    APA rule check and a warning

    I had a feeling my comment would bring your comment. Your comment “In reality, it is actually easier to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be measured at a higher skill than it is to lose those same skills” is on a one way street. As people age, skills diminish and their ability to play...
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    APA rule check and a warning

    Well... despite what some will say. I'm convinced that the 'equalizer' is constructed to advance players with greater ease then allow them to go down in rating. You hit the nail on the head!! NO APA operator will admit this as it makes it easier to break up teams in the hopes they will start a...
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    can someone explain TAP skill level raising to me?

    If it’s like APA, then they scratch your name on an old Dufferin cue, put an old Indian headdress on and throw chicken bones as they say Sanskrit incantations in Greek. Then they throw a dart at a board with just numbers from 2 to 9. Or something similar. This is as close as we can come up with.
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    Carbon ferrule

    “By normal i mainly meant one that slips over the shaft. How did you get the ferrule off?” I drill out as much of the ferrule as possible, then carefully use a boring bar to remove the rest. Of course, I use a lathe. I then cut down Tomahawk tubes to fit the opening in the CF shaft. This is how...
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    Can a soft tip be hardened while on the shaft?

    See above. Leather tips will harden with use. Even a Super Soft tip can become harder than Chinese arithmetic. A few years ago i installed a new, very popular layered SS tip. On my own cue. In less than 2 weeks of play, the tip was almost impossible to cut off with a new bi-metal Lenox blade. I...
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    Carbon ferrule

    Mike, you are correct. The shaft plays fine. The annoying tink sound drove me crazy. Over about 60 years of playing pool, I’ve found that an unusual sound made at impact usually means a cracked ferrule or a tip poorly installed. I replaced the tip and ferrule and problem solved for me.
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    Carbon ferrule

    By normal I meant stock ferrule. When I ordered I wasn’t given a choice of ferrule. I also made the Tomahawk ferrule about 1/4 inch longer. I can only speculate as to why the shaft made a tink sound originally
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    Carbon ferrule

    Try a Tomahawk ferrule. Replaced the stock ferrule on my Cynergy with Tomahawk and bye bye “tink”.
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    Tennon Material

    Is this about replacement tenons? I’ve had no problems with 2 part epoxy. Just wait until it has cured completely. The replacement tenon should not twist at this point.
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    WTB Beginner's Lathe

    +1 on the Saw Stop. Bought a Jet JPS before a Saw Stop was available and when money is available I’ll be upgrading. I think all TS should have the Saw Stop safety feature.
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    WTB Beginner's Lathe

    I’ve been an hobbyist woodworker for over 20 years. I was told to buy my last table saw first. Great advice. It’s the backbone of any woodworker’s shop. Buy a great quality lathe and if and when you need another one, you’ll find a home for your first lathe. Good luck in your search.