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    Pa eastern state 10 ball

    Hi, Was a qreat tournament here at Mainline Billiards. Many more to come. Great Playing Michael. Jock Https://
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    Starting weekly 8 ball tournament

    Starting weekly 8 ball tournament. Need some ideas. {Like a nine on the break wins fifty dollars.} Something that will interest players in trying and builds a nice pot. Thanks
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    Wooden Joint and Threads for a cue

    I am familiar with the b?. What I am interested in is the different ways to accomplish. I have been googling., but have not been very successful. can someone point to some sights that may help. Also, why are acme threads not recommended? Thanks
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    Wooden Joint and Threads for a cue

    It looks like the B___ wood threader and 1/2 by 8 tpi is the way go. Is it possible to make these threads on thread capable metal lathe
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    Wooden Joint and Threads for a cue

    I would like to make some cues with all wood joints and threads. I am thinking acme half inch by ten TPI or possibly half by 8 wood threads. What would be the best size, and the best way to make. Thanks..........Jock
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    Displaying cue balls

    two things I have used are napkin holders and soft boiled egg cup
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    Dufferin butt joint repair

    joint repair I have fixed lots of cues shafts/butts with this type of crack. First you need to spread the crack a little. I usually screw an extra pin in the joint and carefully apply pressure toward the crack to open it up. I than make up some epoxy; heat the epoxy and pour or work the epoxy...
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    What is this material

    Can anybody tell me what this material is on the buttcap? When cutting it on a lathe it makes a fine powder almost like it is stone. definetly man made material. It came from the late Art Cantando's shop.
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    WTB Phillipis

    big phillipi I have this one. Has been test hit only. $3500. If interested I can send specs.
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    Tiger leather cutting blade

    Yes, I bought one. I bought it cause I was looking for a single edge bevel. It has a double. Single edge razor blade works as well. Do not waste your money.
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    Ultimate predator set $1575

    lot still for sale
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    Fantastic Whitten case "Back Beauty"

    bump case for sale
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    Ultimate predator set $1575

    bump I will entertain offers of splitting up.Send me offer. If I can sell all. off course shippinjg and fees will not be included
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    Fantastic Whitten case "Back Beauty"

    Great case made by one of the best. Fantastic Whitten case "Back Beauty" Asking sold plus shipping and paypal. Credit Card also available.
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    Ultimate predator set $1575

    Lots want it. great deal. Added predator glove and weight bolt kit.
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    Ultimate predator set $1575

    Here we have a complete predator set of cues and case. Case is new and cues / shafts are at 90%. P3 with black leather grip. 1 Z2 shaft. Predator Air Jump cue. 1 BK2 with Sport Grip. 1 new predator 4x8 sport case. I am also adding a Longoni cue extension. In addition If you buy it at my price I...
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    FS: Misc. weight bolts

    I'll take them. PM me your paypal.
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    Table time $$$

    Come Southeast Penn. and you can play for $4.00 per hour
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    Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

    Do you still maker the pro version with the nickel/dime in one tool thanks........Jock
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    wanted three seven foot tables

    Wanted three seven foot tables.In Southeastern Pennsylvania.