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  1. Tablemechanic

    GC3 Rail bolts. Which one is the right one?

    Yes, looks like from your other post you might have a Gold Crown 4. I need to see the rails and the corner castings. If it is a 4, the came with the nuts and all thread. You can still use the bolts. I kind of hate the nuts and all tread.
  2. Tablemechanic

    GC3 Rail bolts. Which one is the right one?

    The rail bolts are 3/8-16X 2 1/4" for a GC3
  3. Tablemechanic

    Geometry: How could a Diamond bank differently than a Brunswick?

    Trent, Black Diamond cushions were not around at that time. Most of the Diamond red label tables had cushions from Taiwan.
  4. Tablemechanic

    Diamond Table: Black PRC vs Dymalux Rosewood

    The tables will play the same. The materials hold up pretty much the same. Go for the look you want. I do a lot of Diamond work in California.
  5. Tablemechanic

    Gold Crown Barn Find

    The table looks and plays great. Scott did a great job restoring the table. 140 angles for the corner pockets. 4 1/8" at the points. 102 angles for the side pockets. 4 7/8" at the points.
  6. Tablemechanic

    Old school billard cloth (slow)

    Jay is right, it was Steven's. Mali was also used. Later when Steven's disappeared Forstman took over. The Simonis came in and now it is the main cloth. Mali is still around if you are looking for that type of cloth. Championship has woolen cloth but it is not as nappy as the old cloth.
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    Geometry: How could a Diamond bank differently than a Brunswick?

    Different cushions, cloth, rail height, and so on can change the way a table banks.
  8. Tablemechanic

    Looking for mechanic in the Upland Calif area

    Give me a call, I do work for West State and also Diamond. Steve Leistikow 714-457-8727
  9. Tablemechanic

    9’ Diamond Pro-Am Blue Label Expert Rehab by SoCal Steve L!!

    Martin's table The table plays great now, the cushions and a few other things helped the speed of the table. Artemis are good cushions but do not think they will last forever. They do go bad over time just like any other cushion. This table has Diamond factory facings on it, 3/16". All that...
  10. Tablemechanic

    Brunswick 5X10 Gold Crown snooker table

    Brunswick 5X10 Gold Crown snooker table for sale Asking $1000. The table is in Southern California, it is apart and in storage now. The table is in great shape and has had the cushions replace about 5 years ago.
  11. Tablemechanic

    Riley 6X12 Aristocrat

    The table was sold
  12. Tablemechanic

    Riley 6X12 Aristocrat snooker table for sale

    Riley 6X12 Aristocrat snooker table for sale. It is located in Orange County California. The table is about 5-6 years old and has been set up in a house the whole time. They are asking $6000 for the table with full accessories. They have probably played 20 games on it since it was set up. Feel...
  13. Tablemechanic

    tightening pockets

    You really need to extend the sub rails to do it so the table plays right. Extend the sub rails. put on new cushions then cut the pockets to the correct size and angles. Olhausen tables have a notoriously bad pocket angles from the factory. Steve
  14. Tablemechanic

    Diamond table rail bolts?

    The bolt with the washer is for the blinds and was tightened to tight. You should never bend the washer like that. It happens when they use an impact to run them tight. The sideways bolt is for the leveling system. The rail bolts will have a domed washer. Steve
  15. Tablemechanic

    Al Ramero sneaky or not

    it is a good chance that it is a Little Al, I use to work with him in the shop. He used 5/16-18 with a brass insert for a long time. Looks like a older cue by him. Steve