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    Gambling Scenario - Opinions?

    Fargorating has nothing to do with it. They agreed on a game and that’s it.
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    Calcutta Payout

    Tips So if u buy let's say Justin Hall for 5k, and he wins you and your buddy $1250 each, you don't think he deserves some jelly? If someone know u don't believe in that, they may just "split" 1st and 2nd place money next time, or worse yet, dump just so u don't get paid at all. Like black...
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    PPV Jan 21-30 Derby City Classic Action Room

    It's up now, thank you
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    PPV Jan 21-30 Derby City Classic Action Room

    I noticed the score/game/race isn't up on the stream. I know they adjusted, but I couldn't hear what the game is now. Can you please tell us what the new game/spot/entry is please? Thanks again
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    PPV Jan 21-30 Derby City Classic Action Room

    Entry fee What's the entry fee for josh vs randy? And race?
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    Ppl don't pay up, when do you let it go?

    Live in florida but I'm from Chicago. Where I'm from, it wouldn't have been a good idea to walk outside first without paying. My point is the situation can go both ways. There was no threat of anything crazy happening. We had a mutual friend, and these guys were older. Also, one of the guys he...
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    Ppl don't pay up, when do you let it go?

    Lucky him 10 years ago I woulda just busted him in the mouth...glad I grew up a little
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    Ppl don't pay up, when do you let it go?

    Just to be clear The second game was partners against me and a mutual friend of ours. I was thinking at this point that maybe he forgot about the first beer, cause if hadn't said anything. My fault for not mentioning it I guess.
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    The most impressive pool playing that you have ever witnessed?

    Shane vs Alex Nobody has mentioned the Shane/Alex match the first time they played at the derby when it was at the old venue. There wasn't a person in the place playing pool cause they were all leaning on the tables watching the match. That's when TAR was in full effect. It was about 10k each...
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    Ppl don't pay up, when do you let it go?

    I had a guy last week I played for a beer. I won and he didn't pay. Keep in mind he is a friend of my buddies. No big deal, so we play a game of partners for a beer and they lose, again, no sign of a beer. So (me being me) kind of bust his balls a few times about the beer, but really it's no...
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    What is your favorite pool memory of 2015?

    LTCs Paying our ltcs this year for our apa 9ball league. Whoever wins this game carries their team into the next day. We wer both sl8's and he only needed 38 balls in before I put in 65. He needed 2 balls and I needed 16. The score was 65-36...he didn't get there and I carried us to the next...
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    1967 Poolhall in Manhattan

    Is this Ross?
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    an honest review of the hustlers

    The "top five" I enjoyed the show, but anyone who's been to Steinway knows that those are not the top "5" players there. I've only been there twice and can prob name 5 players that would rob the current 5 on the show. Let's start with Jorge Rodriguez...maybe not a personality for the show, but...
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    GYK, Tornado, China & Black Widow ! Day 2 starts at 1030am

    Terrible I don't know if you guys are having technical difficulties or what, but now it says it cannot load movie. Can u please fix it or refund my $$. Thank you, Joey
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    GYK, Tornado, China & Black Widow ! Day 2 starts at 1030am

    No worky I did that and it's a little better but freezes every 20 seconds or so:frown:
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    GYK, Tornado, China & Black Widow ! Day 2 starts at 1030am

    Choppy stream I bought the stream and it worked for 5 seconds before it froze. I had to reload and it did the same thing. I am watching from an iPad with good wifi signal. Username is joeyfromchicago Thank you, Joey
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    Southwest jump cue very rare

    Awesome cue I've seen this cue in person and it is unbelievable. I'm surprised he's selling, but if I remember right, he said it's never hit a ball. Joey
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    Aw, Poor Chicago.

    Thin crust Only tourists eat deep dish when in Chicago. Most ppl that live in Chicago eat thin crust, and yes, it's been then new Yorkshire, jerseys, and anywhere else on the east coast. You shouldn't have to fold your pizza in half in order to avoid it falling I'm your lap. Also, crumbly...
  19. J LIVE: Free & PPV: The Carom Room Classic 10-Ball Event & Updates

    Not working I paid for it and was watching it earlier, but after I logged back in, it just gives me a blank screen.. Joey