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    Why pool is dying.

    Okay, but I've also met some of the seediest and low life forms I've ever known. The game became unfriendly to children and that to me is the death of the game. I remember having a hard time when I was 14 -15 trying to get into pool halls to play or practice. Forget marketing to kids and...
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    Why pool is dying.

    Oh yeah, and don't forget this.... Might have something to do with the reason pool is dead. The kid at Jack in the Box has made more money legitimately than most of these top players thus far this year. I wouldn't advise my kid to waste his...
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    My worst pool night!

    Maybe wifey has a "pimp my ride" style surprise for you. I hope the truck's not really gone man...I've had 2 motorcycles stolen from me so I know your pain. Thieves are the absolute worst. Liars and thieves should burn in hell.
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    Why pool is dying.

    I'm not sure it's fair really to say that pool is dying. It's been dead a long time. I think it's only through the new media that most players not realize it's not a well-known game. Fear not...people still play badminton so I don't think that pool is going anywhere.
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    Old idea for the new age of pool

    The reality is that even in a hurting economy a pool hall is a tough if not impossible business. In a strong economy I would argue that it only gets worse. Rent goes up when there's a good chance that another business could be occupying the space that you are and be more profitable. Pool...
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    do we have to win every time?

    When I was a bit younger I enjoyed playing more than I do now. I liked going out to the pool hall and playing with my friends. Now I have a table at home and I never play anymore. The lack of playing makes me not want to play. It's a self perpetuating thing for me. If I play with my friends...
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    Does this hurt the cloth????

    I'm not a table mechanic, but I don't think there's anything better than laying the cue down on the table for storage. My table is unfortuntately in my garage so I try not to leave them there too often, but if I have to leave them and I'm too lazy to put them away in my case and put the case...
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    My Thoughts on Earl and TAR 22

    I don't think anyone should ever watch that asswad play pool anymore. When you watch, he gains. Fortunately we've been promised a ban from TAR and that's a good start. I just don't think there is room in this sport for unsportsmanlike assholes that can't keep their composure for in the name...
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    My Thoughts on Earl and TAR 22

    I've always felt that Earl was just a walking pile of sh*t anyway. It's hard to find more satisfaction than watching assholes lose. After all of these years I don't know why he's invited to ANY tournaments or events. I didn't get a chance to watch this TAR match because of work, and I'm upset...
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    Earl/Shane score

    Thanks for the updates. Hopefully I won't be working tomorrow and I can actually catch the last day.
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    WTB: XXL T-Shirts

    I hate shopping, I love pool. I need more clothes and don't feel like running out to the store to buy the crapola that they sell. So....I'm looking for pool/poolroom related t-shirts in XXL size. Looking to spend ~$20/per shirt.
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    A aggravating thing about handicap tourneys

    This seems pretty obvious to me. At least as far as local tourneys are concerned, it's nearly impossible to have a competition without some kind of handicap. You'd have a "tournament" with just the top 4 guys because the others aren't willing to play. I have played so many other games with...
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    practice through league play

    I don't know how league goes around your neck of the woods, but around here it's a genuine waste of time if you're looking to improve your game and have a limited amount of time in which to do so. League night usually takes 3-4 hours and if you are doing that twice a week you're devoting 6-8...
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    More APA League Crap......

    I know that crap happens, and I accepted and swallowed that stupid rule as it gets called pretty often and everyone is very mindful about it. I'm sure my bias is because of the pool room more than the league itself, and maybe I'll just drive further and check out a league one of these days, but...
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    More APA League Crap......

    I've been playing pool for 15 years and nowhere is it as bad as the APA. you call the guy a douche, and claim that you're APA LO would agree it's unsportsmanlike conduct, but to you it's not cheating. I'm glad you've got a good group of guys in your local APA league, I haven't had the same...
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    More APA League Crap......

    Nobody cheated? Really? Calling fouls that aren't fouls and then arguing about it and twisting around rules? You can't be serious? Are you that big of a nit too? You think this was played out right?
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    More APA League Crap......

    The poor handicapping system of the APA is blaringly obvious and well documented so I'm not going to go into that. My point isn't that ALL of the players in league are degenerates, but thanks for putting those words out there for me. There are enough degenerates though to keep me away from...
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    More APA League Crap......

    Reason #34,897 not to play in the APA. If this isn't reason enough for you to quit, I don't know what would be. Cheaters, poor handicapping, low life good for nothing players, there's just nothing to be gained from playing in the league. league's are for bowlers.
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    Looking for a JB ~ $200-$300

    Watcha got? I'm looking for a Jump/Break.
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    Good ball cleaner machine, but not to expensive?

    I'm glad that you love yourself so much, it's evident in just about every post. The topic on this thread was about a ball polisher that isn't too expensive. Your wonderfully designed commercial ball polisher, isn't the solution that was likely applicable for this topic, and it turns out he...