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  1. greenroomgal

    Stolen Cues

    i like the knife myself :0)
  2. greenroomgal

    cue collection

    ok my friends, sorry its been so long since posting pics of cues for sale. i am updating cue specs today. i will go one by one as detailed as i can be with specifics. my inbox is almost full, so please wait until the cue of your interest is posted other wise i will prolly never get your message...
  3. greenroomgal

    cues for sale

    no it was a box fan in my bathroom. It was not running. it was just plugged in. I was out of town. it happened July 1st.
  4. greenroomgal

    cues for sale

    I am posting some pics of the custom cues I will be putting up for sale on EBAY. Cue makers include(from left): Moore, Bludworth, Wheeler, Woodworth, Scruggs(2), Schon(Runde), Buss, Tucker, Schon(Runde), and TAD. This is just a small portion of my collection. I just dont see the need to show...
  5. greenroomgal

    Question about your Room's Balls/Brand of Balls

    I have heavy play and I use Brand Name(Aramith or Brunswick). But most importantly, the reason I am replying to this post, is to clean and wax your balls according to the amount of play your tables get. I use the BallStar cleaning machine and it works well and I have had it for ten years...
  6. greenroomgal

    Results From Green Room Jackson

    Had a great turn out for only posting the event seven days prior. 35 players entered and here are the results: Prize Calc. 1st 600 1200 2nd 300 650 3rd 200 350 4th 150 250 5th/6th...
  7. greenroomgal

    Green Room Jackson, MS tournament

    never really had that problem, someone always knows. not many secrets about how the people that come to my room play.
  8. greenroomgal

    Green Room Jackson, MS tournament

    April 18th, 19th, 20th Friday the 18th 8pm $100 ring game handicapped Saturday the 19th Player auction starts at 12 noon tournament starts directly afterwards Format as follows: 9 Ball on 3.5x7 Valley Bar Tables handicapped by division A races to 9...
  9. greenroomgal

    Dolphin Software

    i use dolphin but would not suggest it if you are not familiar with it. micro logic does not have all the interfaces. i am currently looking myself nut leaning towards billiards business solutions
  10. greenroomgal

    Jackson/Ridgeland Mississippi tomorrow night

    Jackson, MS Come to the Green Room. 444 Bounds St. Take Briarwood Exit south on frontage road, then right on Bounds St. Behind Deuce McAllister Jaguar. Mara
  11. greenroomgal

    New SCHON LTD SH206 8 Points with 6 Skulls

    schon skull interested in a trade?