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  1. Jim BC

    Help With Pricing

    All the cues are gone. The Huebler stayed in the AZB family.
  2. Jim BC

    Sold Deano Hoppe Cue

    Original DEANO Hoppe cue test hit only. Tung oil finish with straight taper shaft. $SOLD. OBO
  3. Jim BC

    BHQ 4 Point Brunswick Conversion

    BHQ 4 point Brunswick Conversion 2008 asking $600. OBO With two shafts, one lyptus and one maple, both with buckhorn ferrule Fantastic cue Received from Brent 2008
  4. Jim BC

    Dave Albrecht 08

    Dave Albrecht cue 2008 asking $500. OBO What Dave described as his Tad tribute, small finish blemish in shaft collar Description from original purchase = Forearm and butt Lightly figured birdseye Maple collars are natural linen phenolic Cue length 58" 29 shaft 29 butt Cue weight 20.5 oz...
  5. Jim BC

    Help Identifying Cue "Stinger" on Butt

    The writing is definitely under the clear coat. It is a nice playing cue but I have no idea of its origins.
  6. Jim BC

    Help Identifying Cue "Stinger" on Butt

    Hello. Can anyone tell me about this cue? I can't find anything. I think I got from ebay probably 15 years ago. Thanks
  7. Jim BC

    Help With Pricing

    I am retiring and moving South (with everybody else). I have cues that I must get rid of, here are four, all well used, none in perfect shape except the Deano. I figured ebay is the best route. Any help on pricing these? Deano John Nemic cue Norwela Black boar AS6 ? Huebler signed Any advice...
  8. Jim BC

    Age and model of this Joss?

    Any info appreciated. Thanks
  9. Jim BC

    Help with value of Sugartree

    Thanks for the input.
  10. Jim BC

    Help with value of Sugartree

    Won this Sugartree in raffle. " Maple nose with a full splice Rosewood handle. This cue has an ivory joint and an ivory butt cap" Link here...
  11. Jim BC

    AzBilliards Survey-PLEASE RESPOND

  12. Jim BC

    TS sneaky Value?

    Just got this today. All straight with what appears to be full 13mm shafts. No ivory. Butt has some finish loss near joint. Suggestions on refinish or not? Any ideas on value?
  13. Jim BC

    Top 3 best playing cues you have played.

    Diveney Huebler Sugartree
  14. Jim BC

    Adams Galaxie AH-37

    Great Great cue. Go ahead - enjoy it!
  15. Jim BC

    Let me see your Diveneys

    Tiger I had it done be Tiger at the SBE Valley Forge about 4- 5 yrs ago
  16. Jim BC

    Let’s see those vintage Adam cues

    Nice save Great pick up. did the case come with it?
  17. Jim BC

    Let me see your Diveneys

    here are three Similar to your three. The stacked leather wrap is not original. That cue, in my opinion, plays better than any other cue I own. And I own a few big name cues. I think it is due to the ebony nose. I think it is ebony.
  18. Jim BC

    Diveney Cue -Ebony

    shafts? What type shafts and ferrules?
  19. Jim BC

    my house room

    great room love the room. As a former paperhanger in Long Island, I am also curious about the border.
  20. Jim BC

    Let’s see those vintage Adam cues

    with latest addition The Rempe J/R 11 just arrived today from Fast N Loose