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  1. wrickyb

    The Lions and the Lambs -- Fensch book

    I don't know how i had missed this book befor but ran across it while ordering Have Cue Will Travel from Walmart $25 delevered in paperback second edition. Looking forward to reading it.
  2. wrickyb

    Becue at Derby?

    Yes Just let us know what you are looking to try, shooting cues, break cues, jump cues and shafts for other cues ALL Carbon Fiber from Becue. Ricky Bryant 574-320-2438
  3. wrickyb

    How to pronounce DAZN and Batgirl

    no the 5 ball is purple :)
  4. wrickyb

    International 9-Ball Open changes. WHY?

    The video is private and so not viewable
  5. wrickyb

    AZ Billiards T-Shirts

    GREAT Thanks Mike My AZB shirt arrived today Thanks Mike and the Patch will go on my New JB Case that came in last week. See you next month at the International 9 Ball Open. Ricky Bryant
  6. wrickyb

    Templates at 2019 china open 9 ball

    Did anyone else notice the different templates used for racking at the 2019 China Open 9 Ball? I saw the white that appears to be the Turtle or knock-off on the men's matches. Then on the one Woman's match I watched they were using what looked like the black magic rack, the tree design not the...
  7. wrickyb

    Carbide Fiber Shafts

    We also make a conical taper with 11.8 mm tip. Let me know if you would be interested. Ricky Bryant
  8. wrickyb

    Can anyone here make carbon fiber butts?

    Thanks for the kind words. I have had one cue made where we modified the weight chamber so it was set and could not be changed. The total cue was 17 oz and the owner took the butt cap and machined it down to remove another ounce. I can submit the request to the plant but it is a one of a kind...
  9. wrickyb

    Becue in Chicago, Chris's Billiards Sat Aug 17 One day only

    Becue at Chris's Billiards, Chicago (4637 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60630) ONE Day only Saturday August 17th during the weekend tournament. I will have the New Dark Matter II (2) Break Cue and the New Dark Matter Jump Cue. As well as Becue Shooting cues and a wide selection of Becue Shafts in...
  10. wrickyb

    Becue in Chicago, Chris's Billiards Sat Aug 17 One day only

    I go every few months to North Alabama to see my mother. I was just there and in Arkansas for my day job. But back in Indiana now.
  11. wrickyb

    Becue in Chicago, Chris's Billiards Sat Aug 17 One day only

    I will be at Chris's Billiards Saturday August 17th. I will have shafts, shooting cues, The New Dark Matter II Break cue and the New Dark Matter II Jump cue. Come out and check it out. I plan to be there when they open Saturday and until late afternoon or early evening. Selection of over 40...
  12. wrickyb

    CF jump cues in Vegas

    Becue Dark Matter II (2) Jump Cue Yes the Becue Dark Matter II (2) Jump Cue has been released. Also the Dark Matter II Break Cue. Here is a like to a video on the Jump Cue Ricky Bryant
  13. wrickyb

    Becue at BCA World

    Show special BCAPL SHOW SPECIAL ON BECUE SHAFTS $475 for 29 inch - Joints available B-Joint, Uniloc, Radial, 3/8x10, 3/8x11, 5/16x14 and 5/16x18 We also have custom 30 and 31 inch available. If we don't have it in stock 1/2 price shipping $10. Come see us at the Marty Carey Booth 2019 CSI BCAPL...
  14. wrickyb

    Becue at BCA World

    You can try and purchase Becue shafts and Cues at the BCA World tournament from the 18th to the 27th. You can find them at the Marty Carey Booth or call or text me I will be at the booth some or can meet you there. We will have the NEW Break Cue and NEW Jump Cue Ricky Bryant...
  15. wrickyb

    Thinking about going from cynergy to Becue prime m

    Becue Info Not sure where you guys are located but you can try a Becue shaft at Midwest Billiards and Cue Expo July 10-14 with Charlie or Heather Bryant at the Brutal Clothing booth. That show is at Big Dog Billiards Des Moines, Iowa Or the CSI BCAPL event July 17 - 27 Las Vegas you can look...
  16. wrickyb

    30" Carbon Fibre shafts

    Becue has 29 standard and 30 or 31 custom. The price is 29 $470, 30 $540, and 31 $560 You can contact me at
  17. wrickyb

    Test hit carbon fiber shafts

    Yes Becue will be at both events - BCAPL come to the MARTY CAREY booth and at the APA - come by the BryantBilliards / Brutal Clothing booth. Also if you have any questions you can contact me Ricky Bryant
  18. wrickyb

    Longer CF shafts?

    Yes Becue has basic 29 inch and custom 30 or 31 inch in Uniloc, Radial, 3/8x10, 3/8x11, 5/16x14, 5/16x18 and B-loc for our cues. Also we offer longer cues for the B-loc shaft. So with the combinations you can get up to 62 inch cue. I'm the North America rep and can be contacted at...
  19. wrickyb

    The butt and nothing but the butt!

    Becue offers a full carbon fiber cue. And there are numerous colors and designs.
  20. wrickyb

    Scotch Doubles Question

    When played with your wife or partner know as Divorce Pool :)