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  1. crappoolguy

    What country are you from?

    Jolly ol' England.
  2. crappoolguy

    Ronnie scores another 147

    12 foot by 6.
  3. crappoolguy

    Ronnie scores another 147

    Ronnie makes another 147, edging one ahead once again of the legend Stephen Hendry. Enjoy
  4. crappoolguy

    Things That Make You Go Hmm !

    I remember after the match his explanation as to why he missed that black by so far was that it was the most pressure he'd ever felt in his life, as he knew about the suspisciously high number of bets on a 9-3 scoreline. I'm not sure but I'd like to think they were innocent.
  5. crappoolguy

    Jimmy White 155 FULL BREAK !

    You can tell they've just edited out some misses and replaced the balls in a few places.
  6. crappoolguy

    Breathing Technique

    As a snooker player it's very important to hold your breath when down on the shot. This is because the cue in held in tight to the chest and as breathing causes the chest to move in and out, the cue will also therefore be moving from side to side. I'm guessing this makes no difference to the...
  7. crappoolguy

    Which game requires most skill

    Snooker's the hardest for me.
  8. crappoolguy

    Snooker draws Huge Numbers

    I guess you're right, didn't really think of it like that. I just thought it was a little strange as he had no real success at snooker and seems to doing fairly well now in pool, it just doesn't really make sense to say snooker was easier. I don't think it's possible to determine which cue...
  9. crappoolguy

    Snooker draws Huge Numbers

    No, just making a point that me (a pretty poor player at the time) beat him at snooker pretty easily and he's saying snooker is the easiest game. I hardly think he is qualified to say such a thing as he has never and could never play snooker to the very highest level.
  10. crappoolguy

    Snooker draws Huge Numbers

    I wouldn't rate Melling at snooker, I played him once in a pro am when I was 15 and won 2-0. I received 10 start but it wouldn't have made any difference to the outcome... Don't know where he's got that statement from.
  11. crappoolguy

    another one

    SHARKING- ure doing it rite
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    Snooker draws Huge Numbers

    I think selby got 55 centuries this season alone. Which is a record.
  13. crappoolguy

    Steve Davis vs. Efren Reyes on YouTube!

    Thanks for that :thumbup:
  14. crappoolguy

    Nickel or dime

    Just to let you know, the vast majority of snooker players don't use flat tips. The only player I can think of is Stephen Hendry. :)
  15. crappoolguy

    Judd Trump - a star is born

    In snooker, when a player has enough points to have won the frame if they are on a break they will continue till they miss. To gain confidence, entertain the crowd, or build a bigger break but mainly because it's just done. In number 3 the frame and match was already won so he wasn't bothered at...
  16. crappoolguy

    Need help; identify grandfather's cue..

    Same my friend (terrible player) has one EXACTLY the same. It broke a little while ago.
  17. crappoolguy

    John Higgins - GRAND MASTER!

    I think people get a bit carried away about this. Here are the facts: Newsoftheworld went undercover to talk to John Higgins about match fixing while taping it with a hidden camera. They talked about throwing individual FRAMES, not matches, in a tournament without ranking points. This tournament...
  18. crappoolguy

    Judd Trump - a star is born

    I'd have to disagree. Perhaps the shot itself may have been slightly better (although that's arguable) but in #3 he'd just won the match and threw his cue at it, not bothered if it went in. In #2 he potted that to make a century and #1 was in a completely live frame.
  19. crappoolguy

    Watch world snooker final

    My goal? Cue School 2013 :cool:
  20. crappoolguy

    Watch world snooker final

    It's over, Higgins ended up winning 18-15. Trump missed a few toward the end, understandable really but I still think he's a definate multiple WC winner. Here is a link to the last frame