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    Lucasi ferrules

    the earlier Lucasi's used ivorine 3. then they switched over to xtc quite awhile ago.
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    Moori tips!!!!

    i've also run into the problem of fakes, I have some Moori M's that i believe aren't real. can't remember where i bought them from (i really wish i could), but i buy only from major, known suppliers, so it's not from some dicey random person. the packaging looks pretty real, it's got stickers...
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    moori v tips

    FYI regarding moori V tips....i spoke to a source in Japan who told me that Moori is no longer making the V tips due to difficulty in sourcing the leathers required for this tip.
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    apus layered tips

    i got a big bag of these that i don't use any more, if any one wants them for cheap, PM me
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    WD700 with wavy joint for sale

    yes, the case you mention is possible. but that doesn't mean the two threads are similar or "compatible". that just means someone ran two different taps into it to double thread it. i've had a shaft like that's not really a good practice though, it's quite easy to cross thread when...
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    WD700 with wavy joint for sale

    not true at all, radial and 3/8x10 have completely different thread pitches. no hope of compatibility between them.
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    What glue for tips and ferrule are you using?

    be careful storing opened CA glues in a freezer/fridge where there is also food. vapors leak out and get into any food items. you may not smell it or taste it, but it is there in minute quantities and it's quite bad for you. factory sealed containers should be OK.
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    OB Classic XL as break shaft

    They are making a classic break, ob was selling them at sbe
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    Predator uniloc joint measurement

    if you mean the joint diameter, it's 0.842"
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    Meucci red dot shaft

    english is correct, the red dot is supposedly used to orient the shaft where the spine of the wood is in the ideal position where it doesn't bend side to side as much. the black dot is also supposed to be used similarly, dot up for both. the only difference between the red dot and black dot is...
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    Purple Heart shafts

    its hard to hit the cue ball accurately, especially as you crank up the speed. so lower deflection gives you more room for error. hence the popularity of low deflection break cues like the bk2/3 and ob break. the longer pivot point also matches up better as people tend to use a longer bridge for...
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    Purple Heart shafts

    they're really great as a jump shaft. but for breaking or playing, the wood is just too dense and heavy, it has a lot of deflection.
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    Snooker cue recommendation

    mastercue is also in thailand, I got a cue from them and it was pretty good for the money.
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    Cue shaft spec's

    i'll take a first shot at it: tip diameter: 12.75-13mm is typical. 13mm is classic full size, most of the high tech low deflection shafts are 12.75mm. But not unusual to see shafts as thin as 11.75mm. ferrule lengths have changed a lot. the classic length is 1", but nowadays you see shorter...
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    How to get predator ferrule stock

    first gen used isoplast second gen initially used titan, but then switched to something called maxlite. isoplast and titan are readily available, but i have never seen "maxlite" anywhere, it could be that we just don't know the commercial material name for this. i do think the latest maxlite...
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    Mezz HPII sound of hit

    the tip can change the hit and sound of the shaft completely, i'd try different tips before giving up on the shaft. i like the hp2 quite a lot myself, i have a kamui brown super soft on mine. a softer tip will generally dampen some of the noise of a shaft.
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    Finding the good lepro

    i've never found any reliable way to tell the good ones from the bad ones, i've tried everything people have said out there. the best thing i've found is to buy the 15mm size, they are much more consistent and you get much more good ones in a box. why this is the case, i don't know exactly, but...
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    Please comment on Tiger Shafts

    agree completely with scsuxci....tiger shafts deflect pretty much the same as a regular maple shaft, it's not really low deflection at all. the tiger does hit very nice though, the saber-t ferrule has a nice feel to it and the shaft has quality construction. but low deflection it is not. i've...
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    What part does tip diameter play??

    i've never seen any ferrule material that was lighter than maple. even the low deflection ferrules aren't anywhere close to maple....they're lighter than typical ferrules but still around 1.7x heavier than maple.
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    Universal smart shaft adapter question

    it's a normal thread...i know some retailers were gluing in the adapter, it was actually recommended by the manufacturer. if it's glued it, there's not going to be any easy way to get it out without destroying it.