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    What do you guys think of this JD custom cue?

    I went to Joel after being screwed by two American cue makers. It is beautiful and straight. It has been close to three years now. The only problem I had was the wrap sucked. For the money it was easy to repair and I am still ahead hundreds from what the cue could have cost.
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    you get what you pay for... SAYS WHO?

    Stake Every so often and fairly regularly someone says if you take a Rambushkatierrez against a golden tomato stake everyone will pick the Rambushkatierrez. Has anyone ever tried a blind test with non and low level players(or even experienced players) to see if this is true?
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    1940's Brunswick Centennial pool table.` Not mine but looks nice.
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    Refinish recommendation

    same Steve did a refinish for me. Great finish and wrap and less than two week turn around.
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    Ebony/amboyna burl combination?

    Ebony and amboyna I love mine. I have a half amboyna burl and linen grip with an amboyna burl butt. The forearm is ebony with four amboyna points with three veneers w/b/w. I play with an 11.75 shaft.
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    AzBilliards Survey-PLEASE RESPOND

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    condolences to RealKingCobra

    Glen, All of my condolences to you and yours.
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    Wbt JD CUES

    Jd I got mine and love the look of the cue. The wrap fell off and the finish wasn't good. I had Steve Klapp refinish it. Even with the extra work it is still a deal and it is a beautiful cue. Joel was willing to refinish it and redo the wrap but I wasn't willing to bulls**t my way through...
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    Happy Holidays to AzBilliards Forum

    Nice Nice post. Thank you Jam, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.
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    Need The Power Of The Az Billiards Crew

    Done Done and glad to help.
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    Boradriver Needs you

    tis the season Merry Christmas and get well soon. Hope your feeling better to start the new year.
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    Custom Cue - Tom Reed.

    New cue Very nice. How does it hit?
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    I just got my cue back from Steve Klapp. It is perfect. He repaired a couple areas that I thought were forever. A special thanks to Steve, and a recommendation to everyone else that needs a refinish or even just thought about freshening a cue up.
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    We need JB Cases here more than ever!

    Welcome back John.
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    The funeral for my only daughter, was today at 11:AM. She is gone, but not forgotten.

    So sorry for your loss. We only have words and they can not express enough in times like this. All our best to you and your family.
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    Please join us in celebrating Ilona Balner's (Palmer Cue's) 90th birthday!

    Happy Happy Happy birthday Ilona. Many more to you.
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    Son won the MA Jr State Championship

    Pool Sweet, Congratulations to both of you. Keep it up.
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    Something to share with my AZ friends.

    Congratulations, for all of their acheivements. The time does fly by. It seems like yesterday my family was in the same stages but when I really think about it my kids have been out of college for ten years.
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    On The Road Again with Perfect Aim....

    Take care Take care of yourself and get feeling better soon.