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    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    Paddy's 7-11, NYC, upstairs above the Metropole Cafe'. Every champion, hustler, short-stop and "civilian" passed through the doors of the "7-11". Ames Billiards, dark and classic. Became famous after "The Hustler", then quickly descended into a dive. Chelsea Billiards, elegant room when it first...
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    14.1 who would win?

    Do you really think it would take that much, seriously?
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    14.1 who would win?

    Both Filler and Gorst are in their 20's and in great physical shape. Playing the matches over one week's time shouldn't be too difficult for them. They would have ample time to eat, relax and rest. Also, because they pocket balls so well, I think the games should go rather quickly.
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    14.1 who would win?

    I'd like to see Filler and Gorst match up in an All-Around competition over a period of one week: Day 1: 9-Ball-race to 20 Day 2: 10-Ball-race to 15 Day 3: One-Pocket-race to 10 Day 4: 9-Ball Banks-race to 10 Day 5: 8-Ball-race to 20 Day 6: Full 15-Ball Rotation-Race to 10 Day 7...
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    SJM Sizes up 2023 in Pro Pool

    Thank you, Stu, for all your contributions to the world of pool.
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    Malvides Open 10 Ball Championship 2023 Topic

    Yes, I agree. Unfortunately, I was the "area" referee for that match. Boyes called a foul on Shannon. I only saw the incident moments after the fact on video. Boyes was technically correct, so I ruled that Shannon fouled. Boyes got a lot of heat for that. He lost in the finals to Kevin Cheng...
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    What if DeLuna's opponent was either Efren, Dennis, Busty, Lee Vann, Roland, Gomez, or Alex P? Would Jeffrey have called out any of them on this combo? I seriously doubt it because it would be shameful to a fellow countryman. But, against Mika, DeLuna thought he might get a call in his favor.
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    Conratz Accustats 100k subs in YouTube!

    Accu-Stats Video Productions is happy to announce that it has a new proprietor: BCA Hall-of-Famer Pat Fleming has sold Accu-Stats to Mike Howerton of AZBilliards. Fleming expressed, “I couldn’t be happier in committing my lifetime’s accomplishment, Accu-Stats, to Mike Howerton. He is a...
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    SHIPPING...still usps after new $15 fee? How do you ship?

    Pirate Ship offers the "Box in a Bag" option, which could be cheaper than the box by itself. "Box in a Bag" cost is calculated on the basis of volume and weight. It can save a few bucks, sometimes.
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    SJM at the 2023 Derby City Catastrophe

    This never happened at the International.
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    Is the 2023 Derby City Classic 9 Ball going to be viewed as a tainted win?

    I guess the top Taiwanese players are not attending the Derby this year.
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    Sanchez Ruiz Headlines Notable Derby City Classic Absentees

    Many of the elite Filipino players will be there, including Efren. Are some of the top Taiwanese players expected to compete at this year's Derby?
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    Derby City drive from NJ...ride shotgun?

    I may be driving to the Derby from NJ on Thursday, the 19th. Share gas and tolls. I plan to stay the entire week. If you are a non-smoker, looking for a 12-hour ride in a M-B C300, shoot me a private message for more info. FYI, I've made this drive four times in the past. Karl Kantrowitz
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    At the 2022 American 14.1 players' meeting, we discuss the frozen/non-frozen cue ball situations in detail. When that situation arises, the shooter calls the ref to observe prior to shooting. This avoids any controversy.
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    Hardships of Professional Pool as a Career

    Perfect response! The sport of pocket billiards continues to fund pool tournaments using players' entrance fees, plus a much smaller amount of added money. JAM is correct...only the 3, 4, or 5 top finishers can make a profit after expenses. Many years ago, I backed a world champion, a BCA...
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    International 9-Ball Schedule

    International 9-Ball Open — NEWS FLASH — There is an opening for one more player. 9-Ball matches begin on Monday, October 31 at noon. Contact Pat Fleming immediately to secure your spot . 973-615-3519.
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    International Big Foot 10 Ball Schedule

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    International 9-Ball Schedule

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    American 14.1 Championship....October 24-29, 2022

    Bring an empty bottle and fill it for free in the Men's Room. Seriously, Spring Hill Suites Hotel has a special rate of $89 + tax/night. It's very close to Q-Masters. To reserve your room, contact: | | PHONE 757.333.3100 Ext. 4001
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    American 14.1 Championship....October 24-29, 2022

    Earl is also barred from Q-Masters because he violated their conduct policy.