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    RIP Tim Scruggs my friend.

    R.I.P....... Mr. Tim Scruggs This is very sad to hear but hearing that he felt good over the last week is good news to hear but this is still very sad too hear he will be greatly missed and my prayers are out to everyone that knew him and especially to his family RIP my friend
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    Meetup pool cue "swap" buy sell trade

    im in My name is Jason Noble phone number is 1_860_597_9025 u can call after 5 pm eastern time thanx great idea also email is
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    Huebler Nov. 99 Cue of the Month & Nova shaft FS

    nova Im interested in the nova shaft u can call me at 530pm eastern time @ 1_860_597_9025 my name is jason noble thank u
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    Nova Pool Cue

    nubs Call schon and or predator they may have his contact
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    Happy Birthday Vinniebabarooch

    happiness Happy birthday
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    FT -- gorgeous bocote/ebony Zinzola

    your cue I love it and of course tonys cues play great as I love both of mine my avatar picture is my fancier one
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    WTB Pechauer Butterfly Break Cue, Used

    breaker Ok sounds text ur number and ill send pics if u want
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    WTB Pechauer Butterfly Break Cue, Used

    yes I do I have the exact one in the picture for two hundred dollars it has a few small dings as it has been well used u can call me at 1860_597_9025 Jason Noble
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    ~>~>~>~>~~> F/S Gorgeous James White Cue <~~<~<~<~<~

    the veneers He didnt mention the fact that this cue is five yes five veneers there is not many five veneer cues out there this cue is awesome wish I could afford it
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    Nova FS/FT

    novac I really want that cue but I need a few weeks for getting the funds so sorry I would take it right now if I could ,1_860_597_9025 u can call me at if needed
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    Break Stick

    pechauer Break cue stained maple to look like rosewood for sale at $200 firm it has the butterflies in the bottom part of the butt these r no longer made very forward balance, weight is 19.5 oz.,13mm. U can call me at 1_860_597_9025 thanx from jason noble
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    my palmer

    balsis Your welcome cleighton for me selling that to you. Im so glad you were able too have refinished were I wasnt able to afford to do so myself wish I didnt have to let it go but atleast I know it went in to good hands from jay noble
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    Vincitore Leather Cue Cases ( Brand New )

    inside What does inside look like of 3/6? Thanx in advance from jay noble
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    autism speaks charity

    autism speaks charity event Today is the day everyone come on down
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    autism speaks charity

    Bump it up only because it is this Saturday coming day after tomorrow and hope to see everyone thanx
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    autism speaks charity

    bump Hope to see everyone there its this Saturday doors open at 11am its for a great please come everyone there is over $5000.00 in raffle prizes October 4th 2014 address is 151 chestnut st Holyoke Massachusetts
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    ***Special Billy Schick Sneaky Pete***

    pictures Can u please show more pictures of the cue please I would like to see the whole cue together and or shaft side by side thanx from jay
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    WTB 3cushion cue

    3 cushion Call world championship billiards in Manchester Connecticut Sorry I dont have the phone number handy good luck
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    Pool & billiard mags

    Larry Johnson If u have mags with anything about larry (Boston shorty)Johnson im interested thanx from jay noble u can call or text me at 18605979025