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  1. albu

    My 2 Tascarella Cues 😂😜😂

    Nice cues...What about Josey cues?Do you have something, maybe something on order....a jump or a break maybe?? Cheers
  2. albu

    Suggesting Bernie Sr for the president

    Frule is not in the mood this days
  3. albu

    Suggesting Bernie Sr for the president

    After 12 long years it's time for mr.Mamić to go bye-bye...maybe even some jail time for somebody else. Ok,i admit is all my fault... :grin:
  4. albu

    Jian Ying Cue

    znači sad si dno dotaka.....a i ota tvoja stolica već dopizdila,uvik se ona slikaje :thumbup: ... best regards
  5. albu

    My new AE Orange Cocobolo Merry Widow

    Znači upiša san se u gaće,dobro nisan al skoro
  6. albu

    6 Cory Barnhart Merry Widows

    Nice set...wanna play fo it? :D
  7. albu

    Wanted: Showman Shaft!

    ask Player52,he has three of them with silver ring
  8. albu is another DZ cue being build

    Yes i got it and sold allready to Davor aka ivicafranic It's a great cue and i sold it only because i need cash here is his link to view the cue
  9. albu

    My new JIM PIERCE

    onako...može proć :wink:
  10. albu

    Contest time

    no pics,but i would go with a ebony box cue from Barry :thumbup:
  11. albu

    King case for sale

  12. albu

    ><$>< - Loaded - Randy Mobley - ><$><

    Great pictures :D
  13. albu

    The Witch Cue - by Randy Mobley

    Ufff...nice......what is the sparkling stuff in the forearm? Did i say nice :D
  14. albu


    I never receive the itrader from you,you POS for the cocobolo/ebony :):grin-square:
  15. albu

    2 SEGEN cues

    moš ti i bolje :(
  16. albu

    little ko is gone

    Well if you think about ivicafranic...he is not the one :thumbup: ....also good player but not Putnik :D hope it helps This is what Putnik wrote on his FB page...obvious he is very happy " against one of the best world players here in Us open...yesssssssss....thanks to all...
  17. albu

    little ko is gone

    by my knowledge he is not active AZ member.....can you please write the AZ nickname of the person you think is Ivica Putnik?Thanks
  18. albu

    little ko is gone

    I agree with you....but like i say he know how to play,and is a seasoned player...30+ years in pool,many,many money game etc.....maybe not in Ko's rang but he will take it if you give
  19. albu

    little ko is gone

    He is european straight pool champion so in the end he must know something
  20. albu

    little ko is gone

    Who told you he is AZ member?