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  1. icucybe

    Rackem TV SVB vs Dennis issues

    Things looked good in my end. At times I was able to watch like 45 min without issues. Sometimes it rewind the stream out of nowhere. I emailed support a few times and they gave me their private FB live group workaround and that worked better than their website and smoothly. Glad they...
  2. icucybe

    Rackem TV SVB vs Dennis issues

    Is anyone having major issues? This is so frustrating... we have high speed internet but the streams stop, we close browser and then cannot access page, we get “service unavailable”. We have to wait minutes and keep trying missing the match until we can finally get in and log in. So...
  3. icucybe

    Digicue worth it?

    Ae these videos on youtube, what's the channel? I been to the EXPO and went to the OB booth to try it, was disappointed that they didn't have one to try two consecutive years in a row. I did see a Pro playing with it at the Kamui Booth
  4. icucybe

    Consensus "Greatest of All Time" (GOAT) List

    Second round, Shane 3 & Alex 2
  5. icucybe

    Consensus "Greatest of All Time" (GOAT) List

    Alex- 2 Thorsten- 2 Orcollo - 1
  6. icucybe

    Cloth on home table

    If Simonis I would go with 860, I would stay away from 760 for a 7ft, I also think 860HR would bee too fast. They all good and durable, specially for home conditions, nevertheless I played in Simonis 860 7ft Valley and Dimonds around my area and they are very fast with it, totally different...
  7. icucybe

    Bar Table • Heavy Cue Balls • Pool Tips •

    I think is also easier to scratch on a barbox, specially a Valley table with bigger pockets. Not only the pcokets are bigger for your Cueball to go in, but also with more clutters on a smaller table could be more likely you get a layout were you could easily kiss a ball and scratch. So yeah...
  8. icucybe

    Question about Ring Game, how to apply for tournament

    What if they play a two way shot, would you have to accept that as well?
  9. icucybe

    Revo vs Meucci carbon fiber

    I tried the Meucci, REVO and Mezz carbon fiber shafts. REVO and Mezz where my favorite. Didn't really get to like Meucci while playing with it but it could have been just me. I was testing these using a lot of inside English to get the cue ball moving three rails back to the other end of...
  10. icucybe

    Advice needed about a tip change situation with three revo shafts of mine.

    Wow, none is the east coast or west coast! That's really odd and unfortunate...
  11. icucybe

    Diamond Pro Am Tournament Used Pricing

    I paid $5,500 for a 9ft used in the US Open 2013 delivered. Had to buy the balls separate tough. I called Diamond.
  12. icucybe

    Question about McDermott 3/8x10 joints

    I have a G series McDermott cue that came with a G-core shaft. I have used all McDermott's i-Shafts, as well as all OB Cues shaft on my cue-butt with absolutely no issues at the expo. Bought mine around 2013. Something must be off with yours, maybe it was dropped on the floor taking it out of...
  13. icucybe

    Improving table tech

    Automated racking and leveling would be great!!!
  14. icucybe

    mcdermott g core vs players hxt shaft comparison

    I play with a G core 12.5 shaft for the last 5 years and love it. I tried Predators including the REVO and haven't noticed that much difference in adjustment. I play on both 7ft & 9ft, 9ball and 8ball. For the money you can't go wrong with it; I would love to buy a Revo, 314-3, Z3, or Cynergy...
  15. icucybe

    Cyclop Hyperion at DCC.....?

    I been watching the streams and the balls seem to be playing very well; so well indeed I was about to start a post myself about it until I saw this one. Except for confusing the 3 & 5 sometimes on TV, I really gotten used to the colors. I will buy a new set of balls soon and was considering...
  16. icucybe

    Derby one hole

    With the conclusion to Bigfoot and Banks, accu-stats will be streaming it all day today. The last match last night was Shannon vs Alex and what a match it was!
  17. icucybe

    Tom Wirth (one pocket)

    What part of FL, what was the rate? Don't live there but go to Orlando once a year to visit family.
  18. icucybe

    Ultimate Argument: Pendulum vs Piston Stroke

    Was watching a videos of Tony, he was dropping elbow almost every shot I saw; it was 2014 9ball match vs Rodney Morris. Hunter on the other hand from what I saw didn't drop elbow once!
  19. icucybe

    Ultimate Argument: Pendulum vs Piston Stroke

    what pros use pendulum stroke? Everyone I see drop their elbow... even Landon Shuffet and his dad is an instructor. I do have to say I don't see Dr. Dave lowering his elbow and seen him make some powerful shots.
  20. icucybe

    World Pool Series, 10b Grand Final

    Any one know why more top USA players not playing this?